This morning I was really tempted to start watching one of the lakorn that have episodes with english subs. But on the last minute I told myself that I won’t accomplish anything if I stayed and watched. And you know what I wanted to watch? Gon Ruk Game Payabah or Game of Vengeance in English which stars Chakrit Yamnam and
Suvanant Kongying (Kob).

Here’s the synopsis :

Vud was in love with Kompai (Kob) but didn’t have the courage to confess his feelings so he became close to her sister, Rodsarin, hoping that he would have a chance with Kompai. But when he realized that Kompai was not interested in him at all, he became engaged to Rodsarin before leaving to study abroad, along with Rodsarin’s friend, Thitha.

Thitha and Vud ended up starting a relationship while studying abroad. Vud sent a letter to Rodsarin, telling her that he was ending their engagement. Rodsarin became heartbroken and passed away. Kompai vowed to get revenged for her sister.

She used Panin (Charit) as her tool to get back at them. Kompai planned for Thitha to fall for Panin, with the intentions of never letting her to be with him.

For english subs, click here.

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