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Going around NY

I am a nervous wreck right now. I think I am for three days now because the little girl is sick. Now I know why moms are an epitome of strength. They experience a lot of things that made them into what they are as they grow old. Right now I am just praying that this would be over soon. If not, I might get sick also. In fact, I am feeling a wee bit sick but I am trying to ignore it. I needed to be strong and sane for the little girl. That’s why I take a break from looking at her now because she is playing with her older cousin. Thank God for families who are always there for you when you needed them.

Hero with English Subs

At long last I finally found what I am looking for. Lee Jun Ki’s latest drama Hero is now available with english subbed. Yahoo! That made my day. I know there are videos out there in youtube for it but they are being hidden to avoid being deleted as per request of MBC. haha. I hope I can find time to watch it next week. Right now I can’t because I am on a rush. And I remembered reading that Iljimae will be shown here in the Philippines. What happen to that news? Oh well.

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Just in case I need MONEY

I am preparing myself for some uneventful incident. In fact, right now I have packed our bags with some stuff that we will need just in case its necessary for the little girl to be confined in the hospital. Although I am praying really hard and hoping against hope that we would just be in the out patient ward. But with all my experiences in the hospital I know I needed to be prepared. In fact, I even did all my banking transaction that needed to be done within this week. I am just worried that my funds would not be sufficient. How I wish I can avail of those online payday loans that is offering. You know I am a person who worries about insufficient funds all the time. Good thing I have a sister who works in the bank and can readily transfer some money to my account when I am short. Of course, it would really be nice if we don’t need to used all the funds in the hospital, right?

Series of Post

I am going to do some rush post in my different blogs. I want to clear all my online task because I don’t know what we are facing right now. I thought my little girl is on her way to recovery from her three day 40 degree celsius fever but I was wrong. This morning the fever was already gone but this afternoon I feel that she is again hot. When I checked her temp it was again in 39. So, I decided to have her blood check, despite the fact that I know my heart would definitely break when I see her in tears during the extraction. But I have to be sure that it’s not dengue or any other disease. Please pray that my daughter is just suffering an ordinary fever. This is one of the situation that being a mom becomes a stuff challenged.

Dora Live @ Robinsons Malls

I was researching some medical coding training courses for an assignment of my nephew when I remembered that I wanted to look for the details of the show of Dora in Robinsons Mall. Every time we passed by Rob Metro East when we go to SM, the little girl would always point out the big Dora display in Robinsons. So, I told myself that I’ll be looking into the schedule of the event and look at the possibility that we might be able to see Dora.


SpongeBob SquarePants On Ayala Malls

I am never been a fan of Sponge but I know a lot of kids are. I just don’t like the characters on that show. But Luis, my eleven year old nephew likes it very much! When he is here at our house he would really asked me if he can change channel. Anevay only watched Playhouse Disney. lol. So I was telling Luis that we go watch the SpongeBob shows in some Ayala Malls. But he is at the age wherein he pretends that he is old enough for those mall show. haha.

Here is the details of the Sponge Bob mall tours.

My Brother’s Plan

My older brother and I have a series of discussion this past few weeks. He wanted to enroll on a short course but does not have the funds for it. He was asking me if I could help him on the fees. I said yes. But somehow he is embarrassed that I have to give him the money. I told him that it’s okay as long as he make sure he have to finished his course. You see he has not finished his engineering degree because he decided to work to help my older sister in her schooling. I think that is a pretty amazing feat. So now that he want to go back to study, I don’t need to think twice in giving him a hand. But I told him he have to look first for other schools since the one where he plans to enroll is quite expensive.. I told him there are a lot of online school out there where he can a degree online. Like Now, he is looking into the courses that Capella offers since he was impress with what he sees on there site.

One on Juan

I am loving this portion in TV Patrol World. They are trying to interview the presidential candidates even just for a few minutes. Ted Failon knows what question to asked. The portion also shows how dirty politics is. Tonight, I was watching the portion and I could not help but cringed on the questions that were asked. Somehow, they are really below the belt and are personal attacks. But Ted Failon has to asked about them because they are questions being asked by their patrolers or they are already known issues that needs to be settled. Well, this is just the start. Expect things to heat up come early part of 2010.

When can I watch NEW MOON?

Maybe you might be wondering why I am not excited about New Moon. Unlike last year where my post where mostly about the TWILIGHT SAGA and the first movie about it. Well, for one, I have to admit I do not like the second book. It’s because it more on Jacob than Edward. Second, I don’t like a story wherein the main character does not know who to pick. haha. But according to the reviews I have been reading, the movie is better than the book. Actually I have watched the NEW MOON MOVIE ONLINE for FREE with all the giggles and talking on the background. haha. Meaning it’s cinema copy. lol. Anyway, I think I might be able to watch it via our dvd when the husband comes home.

Want to change career?

It’s quite an ordinary occurrence today that an individual has so many careers that he/she pursue. Sometimes when she is unsuccessful with one, he/she would try to shift careers. Or sometimes he/she already is successful but later found out that they would be better another because they have talent or calling for it. So if you are in the point right now wherein you are considering on looking into hair stylist jobs I suggest you hop on and look into the website. Said site has a search engine wherein you can connect to hair stylist and spa owners. It makes job hunting in the beauty industry easier and lots of fun. Try it out!