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Kim Bum’s RC Commercial

I am feeling under the weather again. Seems like I got tired of yesterday’s trick or treat. We went around the subdivision and knocking on doors for treats. I felt like I have consumed tons of fat burner in that exercise. haha. But it was worth it. Seeing how the little princess plus her classmates enjoy the event was all it takes for me to forget about my tiredness. It was our first time to participate in an outdoor trick or treat.

anyway, I wanted to share with you the video of Kim Bum’s RC Cola commercial.

Momo Love

Another Jiro Wang drama, this time with Cyndi Wang. And of course it falls on the romantic comedy category.

Here is the summary :

Tao Hua Xiao Mei is adapted from Japan’s best selling manga Tao Hua Mei Mei. The plot is about Tao Hua who has been pampered and loved by 4 of her brothers almost to the extend of sister brotherly love. Thus the other brothers ask the 5th brother, Yu Yi to look after the sister, and with the appearance of prince charming Shi Lang, a love battle is created among everybody.


I am awaken by the sound of siren. I don’t know what is happening around my surroundings when I woke up but one thing is pretty obvious, the tropical storm is making its presence felt. I think maybe our local government is just staying alert just in case there is a need for any immediate assistance. Fortunately, seems like everything is the same except for the strong wind. As of this writing the wind has already calm down. I still don’t know if its possible to go to the province tomorrow but I already scheduled a van to pick us up. Except for the plans of visiting my parent’s grave tomorrow, I am also bringing some stuff along that I would be putting in my older sister’s house. No, I haven’t hire moving trucks for that since I am not carrying huge packages. But if ever we are going to move places I would definitely get the services of They would make moving from one place to another a smooth transition.

The synopsis of this drama is one of those ordinary rich boy meets poor girl and they end up together but somehow a tragedy happen and the boy forgets about the girl. Years past they met again. And so the twist and turn. Why I wanted to watch it? The answer I wanted to see Vaness Wu act.

Anyway here is the synopsis in mysoju :


It’s 3:16 AM, though I am tired from yesterday’s event I have not been sleeping properly. A storm (which is classified as a strong one) is in the country bringing strong wind and rain. Ever since the devastating typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng, every one seems to be on heightened alert whenever there is a tropical storm coming. It’s really scary. Now, at this point the wind is howling. I wonder how the plants outside are coping. Oh, oh, the lights just flicked. That only means one things. I might go off any time soon. I just hope the typhoon will leave the country soon and won’t do any damage. We are still on the road to recovery. Just imagine, this All Souls Day, the prices of flowers have shot up due to lack of supply. It’s nice to know that somehow we have to depend on for flower needs for any occasions.

Get Together

It’s already final that on the first Sunday of December, college friends are coming over our house for a get together lunch. I have not seen my friends for four years now and I am really excited. Because of this event, I was asking the husband if he wanted me to setup a get together with our former office mates. He has not seen most of his former group mates since he left the country in 2006. When he comes home for vacation, we are to busy to meet them up. But I think right now its the time to call them and invite them in our house.

Hi My Sweetheart

This really made me laugh out loud….


I know many of you knows who he is already. But for those of you who don’t well that’s Show Luo. hahaha. And in addition to that pic here’s hilarious video I found in youtube.

I got lucky and found a synopsis from Wiki.

(500) Days of Summer

While doing a healthcare job search for the past few days as a favor to a dear friend I have been seeing a lot of raves on the movie (500) Days of Summer. If you are familiar with my situation, you know pretty well that I cannot still watch movies in the big screen. Before when I was not yet a mother, the movie house is the husband and mine’s favorite Friday place. But now, I am a mother and my movie partner is out of the country for work. So, let’s just say I lost both the time and the interest to watch movies :( .

Finally it was over. And I just realized it was over because my twitterfox was overflowing with twitter updates of the wedding. lol. I forgot that it was their wedding day and so when I went online I got a lot of tweets. I was thinking, were people/guest really used their cellphones inside the church? Oh well. Anyway, I was a bit touched by the gesture of Korina when she visited her parent’s grave. Like her, my parents did not get to see me marry nor any of my siblings. They were not even able to play with any of their grand kids. That’s why somehow I feel for her. Well, the event is over. But I think the place was too crowded for a wedding. I still thinks that the Juday-Ryan is the wedding of the year not theirs. haha. Just my two cents of course.

Lead Generation

There was one time in my life that Lead Generation plays an important part in my career. No, I am not into the marketing field but the company where I was employed started a program which encourages every employee to be vigilant of potential customer. You see,  we sell, maintain, repair IT products that are in demand on the market. And since they are in demand, the competition is also huge. If you lag behind even just one step, competitors will definitely it you alive. So, for every deal that is close through that lead, the employee would be compensated a percentage of the price of the deal. For us hard working employees that’s a big plus. Not to mention that there would be a citation for you.