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A Rainy Wedding

I was reading through the twitter messages of some local celebrities. One posted that her friend is getting married today! Yes, today and it so unfortunate that the rain won’t stop. I just wish the couple would have a good wedding despite of the storm. I believe there is not a destination weddings at any Karisma Hotels but rather a traditional church wedding. If I were to wed again and money won’t be a problem I would definitely go for this kind of wedding. I would just invite family and close friends to limit the expenses. hahaha. But that just a wishful thinking. Yet I know come 2012 I would be wearing a wedding gown and walking down the aisle. It’s something that I am looking forward too!

Noah the Musical

We were supposed to watch this musical. Last week during Anevay’s mini fieldtrip her teacher told me about the play and said that Anevay might like it because it has a lot of animals. I browsed through the net and came up with the schedule. I was really close to purchasing the tickets but was hesitant because of the location of Meralco. I was also thinking that the little girl might be too tired because I realized that she has a make up class. Now, I am wondering that sometimes its good to trust your intuition. There is no way we can go out in this kind of weather. But I am hoping they can come up with other schedule so that we can watch. Or I’ll just wait to see how Anevay would react in watching a play because she’ll be experiencing it on her field trip. We will be watching Jack and the Beanstalk!

Typhoon ‘Ondoy’

As of this writing its raining cats and dogs in our area. I think the streets are already flooded. Our house and its location is really a blessing because its situated in a higher place. If not, I would be dealing with the cleaning of our tile flooring just like what happen to my sister’s house in the province. I am praying that the storm will passed and the casualties minimal. But most of the time if a storm visited our country it would leave a lot of damages to the crops and livelihood of many.

Season Three for ISWAK?

I received a comment just a couple of days ago that makes me wonder if its true or just a rumor. Well, its about the comeback of the duo of Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin as husband and wife on the season three for It Started with a Kiss. I know a lot of fans are waiting for that but we can only hope. I was searching the net for news of it but all i came up are rumors and no confirmation yet. The farthest I was able to find was that according to the forum, the wife of the writer knows how the husband would like the story to end. Seems like Ariel’s character would overcome her night blindness and give birth to twins. Oh oh! lets just wait and see.

Vending Machines

You see them almost everywhere. Especially in hospitals, malls and other crowded areas. In fact my little girl loves this machines. Especially those that have candies on it. Accept it or not vending machines are part of our lives now. If you want a cup of coffee, or a biscuit to satisfy your hunger or just candies for you little one the machine can give it to you. That’s why more and more people are venturing into this kind of business. Not only are they easy to maintain, you also don’t need to employ someone to monitor it. That’s so cost effective. So if you are interested of putting up this machine you might want to try They have a great deal of offer when it comes to vending machines.

No Announcement

I remember hearing the news last week that Willie Revillame would be announcing in Wowowee if he would be running for public office or not. The rumor was that he would be Manny Villar’s running mate. I don’t like Willie nor do I hate him but I think there is too much attention that is being put towards him. True, Wowowee helps a lot of poor people and through the show he is able to communicate between the rich and the poor. The rich donates some money and the poor people are at the receiving end. But to run for a position in the government, duh! Good thing no announcement came. haha.  And then I heard the interview of Dolphy saying that he talked to Willie about the later political plan. Maybe it was dolphy who was able to shed some light to him. Thanks heaven for that.

Forex Signals

When I started working I was thinking that I got the wrong degree. lol. Or I was hired by the wrong company. You see when I was in college I took up computer science and envisioned myself being a computer programmer. On my last year before graduation I found myself  being a trainee with a computer company but on a different line of work. Since the company is an international company and ranked as number one in the IT field I stayed when they offered me a regular job. I did not become a programmer but someone who manages trainee and later dealing with the business side of things. Of course, at that time I don’t know about Forex Signals because I am more focused on computer and computer parts. But eventually since the husband and I are interested to further our knowledge on how to invest we started looking for source of information. One that we stumble and would be of great help is the website.

Gokusen 3 (Synopsis and English Sub)


I did not know that there is already a part 3 for Gokusen. And now the special was already posted in I like this jdrama but never really like it to repeatedly watch it. It’s one of those feel good drama with good laughs. Anyway, if you still don’t know the story of it here is the synopsis.

Further Education

Staying at home to take care of our little girl is one tough job but no matter how hard it is, I won’t choose any other career besides it. I thought I am a career woman. I was a go getter once when I was still single until I was married. But things change and so are my priorities when I had my daughter. Today, I cannot picture myself working for eight hours in a confined space. haha. But if there’s one thing I would like to do hand in hand with being stay at home mom, that would be enrolling myself in a reputable online university like Capella University. By this, I can still further my education even I am at home. And maybe when Anevay is all grown up I would try being an employee again. That is if we still don’t have a business by that time.

Talking about FLEET

It has been a very busy month for me and the little girl. And it will get busier next month with all the school activities that are lined up on my daughter’s calendar. I wanted to sit down, watch an Asian drama online and unwind. But unfortunately, I can’t. Nah, it’s not can’t but won’t. Because I know if I started watching via online streaming I know all things will be put on the sideline and I won’t be accomplishing any work (either offline or online). It’s been a long time since I watched an Asian drama and I am missing it. I remember one of the last one that I was able to complete is a Taiwanese drama which featured a writer who is suffering writer’s block and so he decided to be a taxi driver. It’s a good thing that the owner of the taxi company is nice and let him work at his own time. Unfortunately the company in the drama went out of business because of mismanagement.