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Fashionable Eyeglasses

What’s happening? I have a strange feeling on my ears. Something I can’t quite explain. Well, it’s like I am on an airplane and have difficulty in hearing. And then I am now having trouble reading small letters. Yesterday when I was trying to figure out the earphone of my cellphone, which one goes on the left or right, I can’t read the letters. That’s why I am now thinking of getting $ 8 Rx eyeglasses from

I was browsing through their available frames and I come up with a list of My favorite high fashion eyeglasses and here are the pictures of the one I want.

The naming of Carlo J. Caparas as a National Artist have created quite a stir. It’s been dragging for so long now and the recent news is that it is now in the Supreme Court. I think two days ago I heard that Carlo Caparas was complaining about his page in Wikipedia (though I am not sure about this because I was watching the news from a far). According to him, since the page in wiki can be edited by anybody, some people tried changing the titles of his movie into funny ones. I haven’t seen the edited version since I did not check the page at the time I heard the news.

When things GET Rough : Divorce?

I know I have talked about my cleaning lady here who goes to our house weekly so that she can do our laundry and clean our house. Her schedule is every Friday but since I would be going to the little girl’s school tomorrow I asked her to come a day early. Anyway, from time to time we got to chat. And one time she talked about her background and family. According to her, she can’t read nor write because she only finished Grade 2. That’s because she came from a poor family. She has three kids and all are already adult. And unfortunately, she was the only one to take care of her kids because her husband went astray and found another woman and forget about her. She was left weeping and did not even fight. If I am on that situation I would really consult a family lawyer you know (like those top caliber DALLAS FAMILY LAWYER).

I was browsing through because I wanted to blog but I am not in the mood. lol. For times like this I go through my favorite Asian dramas site and look for good dramas. Right now, I came upon a Japan drama that you might be interested in watching. I have the impression that its like Gokusen.

Anyway here is the synopsis.

Shining Inheritance on GMA 7

I am sore all over. I have been trying to exercise by walking 30 minutes a day outdoors. I wanted to be fit and healthy so that I would be able to fight the complications of my lupus. Also I am looking for ways to detoxify and I am thinking if I can go for a colon cleansing. I have been curious about this procedure for a very long time now but I don’t have the guts to try it. hehe. Now, I am considering it.



I have been seeing this movie advertise in Playhouse Disney. Never paid much attention to it because I won’t be able to watch it on the big screen. I might be able to watch it but that would be courtesy of my husband. When he comes for vacation, he has always have good movies to watch on his EHD. But a lot of people are raving about it online. According to many, it has great plot. So when I checked it out I was thinking of watching it with the little girl. Yeah, I think I wanted to gamble on this one. If she won’t like to enter the movie house, then so be it. We will just leave. The only question is if it’s still showing. lol. Let see if my plan will push through this weekend.

Safe Investments

This issue on the insurance sector is far from over. Recently, another insurance company has been reported on the brink of bankruptcy. What’s more devastating was that the president of the said company died on a triathlon contest. So now their plan holders are scared that investment would go to waste. Why not ? When there are news on how difficult it is to get your money back when something like this happens. Not to mention that they have secure an insurance to be used for their children education. Now, you are asking. What would you consider a safe investment when you want to grow your money? Well, right now I am trying to learn about being rare coin dealer. The website gives me an idea about rare coin and I think I’ll be spending my time there to lean the ropes of trading.

Take Care of Your Health

Yesterday I have quite a scare. Though my doctor have already warned me that somehow I might develop other complications because of my LUPUS but seeing something wrong with the results of you laboratory test is still somehow scary. Last July up until August I have this serious flare. I had a slight infection that gave me gastroenteritis ( I have one week of LBM) and coughing. Because of this, I was put in antibiotics and nearly put in an an hospital bed.

Okay, before I go and read about the weight loss pill that my friend is talking about I would have to post that I have changed my mind and I am going to watch the lakorn that has Ann Thongprasom and Aum Atichart. The title of this in Thai is BORISUD BUMBUT KAEN. I like both of them and the way they act. But when I first heard about their drama somebody said that it was just about revenge. So, I told myself I don’t want to watch it. But now that all episodes have english subs and i read the comments in youtube I am changing my mind already. Once I finished all my work, I am going to sit down and watch it.


Definitely I am because the lakorn Buang Ruk Kammathep which I started watching last April is being subbed again. I like the story of the drama so I was so disappointed that it seems they discounted subbing it and also the recap done were also put on hold. And I am not really looking forward to watching it in Thai because I would not understand it. So I am one happy viewer when I saw that there was an update. But I think I have to wait until the episodes are complete. That way I won’t be left hanging.