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May Bukas Pa

I am trying my best not to watch this drama because of the problems that they always feature. Sometimes I got affected by it and as the husband would say, avoid anything that points you to depression. Depression has been one  of the problems that I encounter because of my lupus and it won’t help me when I see sad movies or dramas. But somehow I cannot avoid the show. It endears me to it because of the way they try to teach lessons about spirituality and humanity. Last night, I wanted to change channel already but I kept on waiting for Christopher De Leon to realized that prayers indeed will help him and his wife. That would be in tonight’s episode. I hope even through simple gestures like this, lives of people will be transformed.

TULA – MY kind of BAG!

One of the things that made me happy this month are the bag purchases I made. The bags are signature ones and have been priced cheap by the one who is selling it. And what makes its more meaningful is that the money I used to buy them came from my hard earned online income. Yeah, I know though cheap they still cost a fortune but they are worth it. Just like the TULA bags that I have been drooling right now.

A Slip

Aside from being physically in pain most of the week, and on a not so good mood, I have managed to do some slip in some of my transactions for the house that have messes up our budget and financial plan. And I hate myself for that. The husband has been telling me not to be hard on myself. That things like that happen from time to time. Oh well! Until today I still can’t get over it. And the fact that I really forgot things that I did. Oh man! Signs of getting old. haha.

Popularity: 1% [?]

This week has been a tough one for me. I have been battling with my stomach that for three days straight I have been in and out of the bathroom for I don’t know how many times. I am suspecting I am having a case of gastroenteritis. A disease that always plagued me in the past years whenever my LUPUS wants to flare. I was a bit worried because in the past incident like this would end me up in the hospital bed. Good thing, right now I can control it but guess what? Right now, I don’t feel like I have to used the best fat burners to loss some weight. With this condition plus the lack of appetite I think I lost some pounds.

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Bed and Breakfast

If I have one thing that I wanted the most, is to be able to wake up on a cozy bed and breakfast every single day of the husband’s vacation. Actually it was already part of our plan in his previous vacation but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and so was our budget. Of course, I am only setting my eyes on budget friendly establishments so that we can enjoy both the luxury without thinking where will get the money to pay for it. haha.

Next Stop…Ms. No Good

I know that right now Love or Bread is being aired locally. But last night it was reported that the next drama would be Miss No Good with Meryl Soriano dubbing the dialogues of Rainie Yang. Truth is, I prefer Miss no good over Love or Bread. Call me weird but really the last Joe cheng and Ariel Lin is a disappointment to me. I have watched the first three episodes and later decided to drop it. I am thinking what’s with ABS’s affair with Taiwanese drama. I think they have been airing a lot of it ever since Hana Kimi. I just wished they will air those old ones like Smiling Pasta and My Lucky Star. Well, that’s just my thoughts.

To be honest, I still haven’t lifted any finger yet to watch this. I wanted to but with my condition right now I can’t. My LUPUS is worsening and how I wish I can just download the episodes of this K drama and feed it on our usb, connect the usb in our dvd and viola I am watching in our HDTV. But that’s a lot of work and effort. lol.

Anyway, I am hearing a lot of raves about this drama. Seems like a great series has come again to the end. I am praying and hoping that one day I would be back to my normal life again. No aches, no pain. To watch the finale, head over to mysoju.

Harry Potter 6

I planned on having an early night since I really am too tired from today’s celebration. I can feel the aches and I know I should be heading to bed already. But I realized I forgot to research about bed wedges. I wanted to have one for me since I am having trouble sleeping. I can’t decide which is better. Sleeping with two pillows for my head or use only one. But if used only one pillow I would have some trouble breathing. Right now, I sometimes wake up with a headache. I don’t know if its because of the pillow. Now, I am considering getting a wedge.


I was busy. I was not feeling well in the morning. In fact, I have a slight fever and severe cough. I was so down because I wanted to move but unfortunately my joints are in so much pain. Fortunately, as the day progress god gave me strength. And because of that I was able to give my birthday girl a good time.

Yap, Anevay turned three today. She is sharing the birthday of my deceased father. I love you Papa and I miss you. Thanks for allowing me to give birth on your birthday. I know you talked to God about it.