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Before I go and check out some nice jewelry on a friend’s multiply site, I wanted to share with you the new Korean drama that Shaz, one of my commenter have told me. Again, Shaz, thanks for the heads up!

Reading through the synopsis, I am interested in watching it. Hopefully it won’t have a tragic ending which Korean dramas have trademark for. Here is the summary :

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Anyway, while I was browsing for some dramas in, I was happy to see that there is a new Kimura Takuya drama that is currently airing in Japan right now. The drama is called Mr. Brain and here is its synopsis.

Diabetic Supplies

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Aim High

I was watching news last night and there was a report about the job fair that was held in a mall that was initiated by a television station. According to the report they have to group the applicants into 500 per batch to enter the mall. They have to do this or else the mall cannot accommodate the numbers. This only show how bad our unemployment rate in our country is. And then most of the applicants go straight to the booths that offers employment outside the country due to the fact that this job although far away from home offers a higher pay. But according to DOLE, the problem is not the jobs. Rather the qualifications of the applicant. In fact in the last job fair only small percentage of the job where filled up. So where does that leaves us? I guess having that diploma is not the only things you have to aim for. You also have to hone your communication skills and if possible while waiting for a job you can opt to enroll yourselves to online colleges like Capella University. Said university offers different degree program that will surely help you improved your market value.

Wonderful Earrings

Every time the husband goes home for a vacation he also bring something home for me. Something expensive. Well, since he come from the Middle East you know that what he gives me are gold jewelries which the regions is rich with. And I was telling him that I might end up with a collection of jewelries if he would buy me one every time he goes home. Of course despite the gold jewelries he is showering me I sometimes took fancy on those custom jewelries that I saw in Like the cubic zirconia earrings. The designs of the earrings are nice to the point that you would really say WOW when you see them. I just hope the husband can see them so that he would have an idea what to buy me the next time he goes home. lol.


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No Guts

If there is one thing that I wanted to try but never had the guts to really put my fingers on is paintball. It’s something that I love to watch and see on photos but I know until I grow old it’s one thing I might not play. Why ? Because I know physically I am not suitable to do it. And second I know the gears that are being used for the sport are expensive. But that second reason can now be disregarded because I just discovered cheap paintballs at The website has every apparel ranging from paintball guns, paintball goggles, playing and casual apparel, jerseys, paintballs, paintball field gear and accessories for the sport. So if you wanted to own paintball gears as such an affordable price with free shipping hop on to the website.

Typical ME!

And because I have been obsessing over the stuff I see at the home design category in, I have been telling the husband what I wanted to be done in our house. I wanted everything that is posted in the said site and hopefully even I can own even half of the stuff that I like. But as I told the husband we cannot do the purchasing unless we have already a provision for the second floor of our house. And when we talk of another floor being added on our house then that also means we have to take out some cash out of our savings. Which for now is a definitely NO, since we are planning on flying to the country where he worked on November.


I always love receiving gift but there is nothing more than having received a personalized one right? Because you know that the gift was really meant for you especially if you can see your name on it. That would really put me in cloud nine. And you know what would put me in heaven. Receiving personalized baby gifts. You know how mothers are. They would put their kids before their needs so just like millions of mom out there, it would put a joy in my heart when someone takes the time to put the name of Anevay in her gift.

Being Prepared

We don’t know when calamity would strike, right? While going to the clinic and inside the cab, the driver was tuned in to a news radio program. They are talking about the fault line and being aware where it is located. And that to avoid any fatalities in the future just in case something uneventful happen, the government should not grant any permit to do construction on those areas.

Yeah, the government really is responsible to make sure this kind of thing is being followed. Just like making sure that every business establishments have sufficient exit signs that is visible in every floor so as to guide those who are in the building where to go out when some accidents happen.