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Car, Please!

I woke up today hearing the rain pour down our roof. I wanted to believe that it is still summer since we haven’t had our summer getaway yet. And we plan to fly somewhere where there is white sand in June once the husband is home but with the crazy weather and the forecast the rainy season is coming early I am not sure if that summer getaway will still push through. Anyway, it was still raining hard when it was time to go to the school of the little girl. This is one of those times when I wish we already have a car and I can drive. lol. I have been pushing the idea of buying a new car aside since I really don’t want another responsibility. And frankly, I am too scared to drive. Coward. hahaha!


I don’t know what is the current episode of HOTSHOT that is being shown locally but from the comments that I have been receiving on my HOTSHOTS post which I have wrote when said drama is making waves in Taiwan, I would say Jerry Yan is again stealing the hearts of the Filipino viewers. Of course that would be a given since many have been his fans every since his Dao Ming Si days. And that was eons ago. H3ck! I don’t like him at that time but because of Hot Shots, I became a Jerry Yan fan overnight.

Learn about E-Mini Trading

Ever since I resigned from work two years ago I have been in constant search for ways to earn my own money even though I am at home. I am not used to the idea of not earning my own money though I have a generous husband as a provider. But come to think of it, additional income won’t hurt but rather it would be a big help especially if it finance my own shopping. lol. Anyway, through research I stumble upon a promising income generator — e-mini trading.

The Secret Wedding!

Until now, two days after the secret wedding of Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos, their wedding is still making waves and have always been on the news. I was watching some bits and pieces of it and I am amazed at how the couple made their wedding an adventure for their entourage and guest. I love how they worded their invitation and my sister and I were talking that they might have paid a fortune for the security around the church and the reception.  Also, I like the wedding march. It’s some sort of non traditional. They used RUNAWAY of The Corrs as the simple but elegant bride walk the aisle.

The D word!

I have been spending a lot of time reading a lot of pocketbooks. This has been my constant companion while waiting for my little girl in her school. You see she is enrolled on summer class and I have to wait in the play area for two hours. So, think about what I am going to do if I don’t have books with me. I might be staring in space for two hours. haha.


The news of the swine flu is really getting into my nerves. Though Mexico is a bit far from here and the airport officials here in our country are doing their best to scanned incoming passengers from different country one cannot be spare from worries since the pandemic alert level is now five. WHO says the phase 5 alert means there is sustained human to human spread in at least two countries. It also signals that efforts to produce a vaccine will be ramped up.

Let’s just pray this would end soon.

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Only You Pilot Episode

Last night I did not realized that the Filipino Version of Only You will start airing. I only remembered it when it was already starting. lol. And the few scenes made me wish I can fly to Korea someday. hahaha. Anyway, much as I wanted to watch the pilot episode in full my little girl is attending summer classes and it entails us to be in school before 8AM so we need to be in bed early. So unfortunately, I only catch the scene wherein Diether Ocampo was swimming. lol.

A New Discovery

While I was looking for a good ebook reader for my phone I stumble upon a website that has everything for Nokia Phone or should I say SYMBIAN Phone. The site has links to software, lots and lots of ebooks (which got me all excited) and most of all links to full movie that you can play either in your palm, phone or pc. Gezz! I am looking forward to downloading movies in my phone that I can used to entertain my little girl while we are travelling. Check out if you wanted to know what I am talking about.

Remove Blackheads

How do you remove blackheads? I know this is so off topic from my blog but while I was thinking if I will blog or not I accidentally touch my chin and I have came in contact with some rough spot. I was never a vain lady but I also dislike the fact that I have rough things in my face. So now I am thinking on ways to get rid of it ? How about using sand paper? Just kidding. lol. I am trying to rejuvenate myself by blogging. This week has been a busy one for me that I can barely sit and watch drama online. Poor me! hahaha.


I always look forward to all the comments that are being posted in my blog. Especially those who say that I help them picked up the next drama they would be watching. But I appreciate it more when my commenter help me pick up the next drama that is worth watching and would say that they would be waiting for my reviews about it.

So, today I would be sharing two comments.

From Let :

anyway, i just wanted to share (if you havent seen it yet) that ive recently watched romantic island, a kmovie filmed at boracay starring yoo jin, lee seon-gyoon etc.