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This is what I am watching now and I am hoping I could finished all the said episodes today. I am just on the episode that Jan Di was kidnapped and her knight in shining armor came to her rescue. haha. It reminds me of Jerry Yan and Meteor Garden. lol. Okay, enough of blogging I am itching to watch the episodes.

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Another Option

More and more employees are losing their job. Here in the Philippines it is predicted that the effect of the global financial crisis will be until the year 2010. It’s quite saddening to hear that even those most stable company would surprised everybody by declaring that they would be closing shop. With this volatile economy one can only asked what he/she can do so that the blow won’t be hard and the individual can still stay afloat even after the blow.

Full House 2

While I was browsing around, I saw something that caught my eye. There is a page that is already dedicated to the part two of the Korean drama hit Full House. Though a lot of people like this drama I am not really a fan of it but I think its one of the most entertaining drama that I was able to watch. Right now it already has a page in dramawiki and according to that page the drama will be shown in August 2009 though there is no list yet of the cast. Hopefully the original would be back.


I think the Filipino Version of All About Eve is now airing. While there are a lot of remakes that are to be shown soon on local tv I am thinking why they call them remake when they would change the story. Well, maybe because they wanted it to be in filipino setting but somehow making amendments to the story just robbed it off of its beauty. I remember looking into some pictures that I stumble on the web which were taken from the set of All about Eve. The pictures made me think if there was a wedding on the original because in the remake Richard Gomez ( i think who played the role of the father of Nicole ) will be married twice. That proves to show that the story was indeed change. Oh well, I am just thinking out loud but I really don’t have the plan to watch it since I know i’ll just be annoyed. All About eve is my all time favorite Kdrama period. Enough is enough, i’ll just go and research about Colonix.

The Talent Fee Thing

Seems like a lot of people reacted to the report about Sarah Geronimo’s talent fee. She is indeed being paide 200k only. Imagine that! And when she was given 1M as a bonus by Star Cinema its seems like she has not received it in full. There is an article in wherein Star Cinema cleared the issue and said that she is in contract with Viva and Viva is the one who dictates Sarah’s TF. Read the full article here!

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Love IT!

I love the preview that ABSCBN is airing for HOT SHOT. It made me want to watch it again though I loathe its ending. I love how ABS describes the three actors. Show Luo, Taiwan’s multimedia actor, Wu Chun, the matinee idol who captured the hearts of Filipino fans in Hana Kimi and Jerry Yan, the idol that started the Asian Novela crazed in the Philippines. And clips really from Hot Shot would make you look forward to it, if in case you haven’t searched the net for spoilers. lol. Let see how would the Filipino audience reacts to it. If there is one thing that I think would be a hit it would be the Superman dance. Don’t you think? The dance is really amazing and unforgettable. Okay, okay enough of Hot Shot, i’ll need to look for some acne treatment now.

Likit Kammathep (The Ending)

Yesterday I was able to sit down and enjoy the last four episodes of this lakorn. Though typical I still think that Mart and Anne made it interesting. I love Mart’s character and his friend. All in all I think its worth the watch but of course expect a lot of slapping and quarreling and then the ultimate reversal of attitude which can be seen in every lakorn I have watched. I don’t when I can have time to watch another drama since right now I am terribly busy what with my little girl attending swimming lessons every day and afterward she’ll be attending summer trial classes. Come school time, if in case the trial class proves to be successful on her meaning she is ready for school, she will be attending morning classes Mondays to Fridays and since I don’t have house help I might have limited online time. There goes some more mommy duties!

Should he be forgiven?

Last Monday, there was a news that a certain fashion designer created a scene in Duty Free. According to the report, the said designer made some rude remarks, thrown his passport on the clerk and even told the clerk that either he be slapped or kneel in front of him or else he would lose his job. The clerk did kneel before him. The fashion designer is Boyet Fajardo and the incident was caught in the CCTV camera of Duty Free so he can’t deny what had happen.

Interesting Auctions

When I open my internet browser I saw a news in Yahoo that caught my attention. Seems like Michael Jackson is strapped for cash and is now selling his property. The article is entitled 25 Random Things About Michael Jackson’s Stuff. It was really an interesting read. For example this one :

17. Despite its vast size, the ranch must have felt crowded at times due to Jackson’s fondness for lifesize mannequins. See Items No. 5081 (Spider-Man), No. 5140 (Bruce Lee), No. 5475 (Superman), No. 5490 (Boba Fett), No. 5492 (Batman), No. 5577 (Darth Vader, made of Legos), No. 5937 (Elvis), No. 7752 (Egyptianized Pharaoh-like figure of Michael Jackson), and at least eight others—including a lifesize version of Jackson himself in a rubber Batman suit.

Just Like 7th Heaven

7th Heave has always been my favorite. And May Bukas Pa having weekly episodes that showcase problems that are solved through prayers and faith reminds of it. Though May Bukas Pa main cast are always hounded with different problems its still nice to watch it since every episodes have reminds us Christian values that somehow many have already forgotten. I also like the location of the show because they are shooting in Pampanga, my hometown. Also different stars guest on the drama even if its just for a week. Stars like John Estrada, Claudine Barretto (previous week), Kaye Abad and Jorross Gamboa (this week) and Gabby Concepcion (on future episodes). My little girl is now using BRO when she talks about Jesus. Talking about the influence of media on kids. Well, at least its a good influence that’s why I am letting her watch it. Okay, enough of this I needed to look for some insurance online that’s has a better option.