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I decided

to watch this during my free time. Not sure if I would regret it or not.

300px-prissana03_tikjpteya_themeIf you are wondering what it is. It’s a lakorn again that stars Tik. hehe. And it’s entitle Prissana.

Here is the synopsis.

They AMUSED me

I am currently watching episode 11 of Boys before Flowers but stopped because there was a problem loading the other videos from Vikii. I so love the four boys ( tuxedos or no tuxedos) and eventhough the lead actress is not that beautiful but she gave her role a justice. I think better that Barbie Xu as San Chai. No offense meant! lol. Anyway, I know you are tired of hearing me say this but I really want to find time to watch Starlit of Jerry. Truth be told, I am too busy to find time to watch it. And to top it all my little girl got sick last Wednesday until Thursday that I am now running on lack of sleep. haha. So I am rambling. Hopefully next week I am back to regular programming.

Upcoming Dramas

I was reading some local entertainment website yesterday and read that there is yet another Filipino remake of a Korean Drama. This is already a confirmed one and it stars Angel Locsin. The drama is ONLY YOU. Remember the girl who went  to Italy to enroll herself into a cooking school got pregnant and then six years after she met the man again as his boss in the restaurant. Yes, that one. According to the interview with Angel Locsin she would be having a son here and she is being paired up with Sam Milby. Okay, Only You is not one of my favorite drama but I did watch it and somehow enjoyed it, I think. And I am looking forward to the remake.

Searching for

While browsing the internet to find for some good dramas to watch I chance upon the website of since I am also looking for some affordable medical supplies which we might need in the future. You see being sick with LUPUS sometimes makes me paranoid that I wanted everything to be prepared. The said website does not only have medical equipment and home health care supplies such as catheter but also exercise fitness, dietary supplements, maternity and baby supplies plus outdoor gears. They almost have everything because they offer around 55,000 products. What’s nice about is that it has an option that allows the consumer to re order in the time span that the customer set. So if you get busy and forgot about restocking you won’t be left empty handed. That is such a convenient option, don’t you think?

I did not expect

that I would enjoy watching Sompong Nong Somchai. Not sure if its because of my mood but I was laughing hard on most of the scenes. The lakorn was a good break for me. I love how the supporting character acted making the drama more hilarous. I tried finishing it yesterday and after that I wanted to watch another one so I continued watching Boys Before Flowers. I am now on episode 11 where the witch mom is doing her evil ways already. haha. Though I am not sure when I can resume watching since I am now flooded with a lot of work. But really I missed watching drama online. Hmm…actually I am looking forward to watching Starlit.

I'm currently watching

Sompong Nong Somchai and I don’t know why I am watching it. haha. This is a lakorn that stars Paul, Janie, Yai, Jamie. And here is its synopsis.

A lovely comedy lakorn of 2 lovers.. Lin (Janie) and Nin (Jamie) are close friends. On the day they have got dumped and jobless, they become the spies of the police by chance. Two pretty girls have to disguise as the brothers named Sompong (Janie) and Somchai (Jamie). They work as the male dancers at 2A Music Group to spy into the murder of famous singer. Booranat, or Pa’ Boo (Paul), is the music director who always fight and be confused to love Sompong, while Somchai is madly in love with Tewa (Yai), a new singer of 2A Music..

Upgraded and Changed

Finally I was able to upgrade my blog into the latest version of wordpress. And also have you noticed the new template ? Yeah, I found myself with some idle time last week and I also got tired with the way my blog so I look around for something that is neat and here it is. But that’s the only thing I can do for now since I am still busy. I have yet to watched BFF episode 4 or five. Oh I missed watching dramas but for now it is taking a backseat because of a lot of things. Anyway, that’s it!

He reminds me of HD

I am currently watching Boys before Flowers and am I really enjoying it. I can’t help myself from comparing it to other two versions. Definitely this one is a bit better. Maybe because the production staff of the drama uses the advantage of technology to their advantage. Also the gadgets that they used plus the cars really shows you the luxury that the four boys are enjoying. The cars are something that one can drool on. Same way I drool over Harley. But do you know what or who reminds me when I see some Harley Davidson Accessories? Well, its Vic Zhou and Mars. Haha.

I want to watch this

Based on the synopsis I read its a typical lakorn that evolves around mistaken identity and revenge but I like Ann and Mart and I want to see how they act together. But the drama is only starting and the subs are uploaded on a weekly basis. Right now I don’t have the patience to do the weekly thingy so I’ll just stay around and wait for it to be completed. Time flies. lol!

Popularity: 1% [?]

Another Rainie Drama

Since I have known that LOB will coming to an end tonight I searched which drama would replace it. In the hopes that it would something more interesting. But lo and behold it seems like the replacement would star Rainie and Jiro Wang and its entitled ToGetHer. uh!oh! And the synopsis from dramawiki is not promising but rather reminds me of Rainie’s irritating character in Miss No good.

Synopsis :