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I thought I would be offline for the rest of the day since my dsl provider was having problem in our area. I just discovered it during the wee hours of the morning and when I was already calling their support so that I can switched to dial up to check my mails, my connection was back! Hallelujiah.

I just realized how my life is dictated by technology. And how it can be ruined by just not having a connection for a day. Who could blame me? The part time job I am doing is dependent on my connection. And now that I don’t have during the night I loss some few bucks. Oh well.


Want a new and interesting hobby? Consider paintball. Last weekend while the little girl and I are on our way for some fun in the sun on a nearby sports park we passed by some fellow who are dressed up with some paintball gear. Then it dawn me that the huge lot we are passing by now caters to the said hobby. The place was big and has been arranged to appear like it some kind of a battle field. It even has some tippmann barrel and other accessories used for paintball. The little girl was so intrigued that we have to stay for a few minutes on the sideline just to marvel at the place. Anyway, if you are interested on paintball and looking for some gears for it you might want to check out the ULTIMATE PAINTBALL place at You can get the best price plus free shipping!


This is another Filipino movie that I watched over at YOUTUBE. I watched it because I was interested on how they incorporate LUPUS on the movie. A blogger friend told me that she watched the movie and somehow my illness was mentioned.

Here is the synopsis :

I have been watching Betty La Fea religiously. But not because I took fancy on the show. As usual I am watching it out of curiousity. I love the original show which was produced in Mexico but the rest of the remake I am not satisfied.

Yesterday, I read in Yahoo that UGLY BETTY might get axed. Oh well. Okay, lets go back to our local version. My sister and I does not really like the twist now wherein Betty fell off the ship because she was trying to throw away the necklace that Armando gave her. And on the course of being swept away on the sea she was save by the blind Jericho Rosales. I was telling my Ate, it was Maging Sino Ka Man all over again. hahaha. The only difference was Betty did not have any amnesia.

Why OH Why?

Last year at this time I was going crazy over Asian Dramas that I hunt every website I know that contains episodes with english subs. But now I can seem to feel the urged. I don’t want to force myself to watch because I end up doing a lot of fast forwarding. lol. That wont make me enjoy the drama you know. For now I am contend on blogging, surfing the net and hording paperbacks from Booksale. lol. And hand in hand with my pocketbook shopping my little girl would also look around the bookstore for her finds of disney books. Sometimes she even fancy looking into some textbooks. Now, before going to sleep we develop the habit of browsing her baby bible. And I am so loving it. So tell me what drama should I watch which would be enjoyable.

Don't you love this girl?

She is really a pride of our country.

I was reported last night that Charice will be singing on Pres. Obama’s inaguration on the 17th. Oh well! She is indeed making waves. Don’t you love her singing I will survive? It is so powerful. I just hope that her popularity won’t change her personality. I hope she can deal with her fame gracefully and with no air.

Popularity: 1% [?]

What to watch?

I am missing doing my drama marathon wherein I stayed late at night watching dramas. And would not stop until I see the end. lol. But right now I can’t seem to find any that interest me. Here are the list that I wanted to watch.

Lakorns :

- Prissana which i might be watching because of Tik
- Sompong Nong Somchai i am having second thought on this one but who knows I might enjoy it

Wow, my last LOB update was a month ago. Meaning, I missed a couple of episodes now. Seven episodes at that. I planned to watched them with english subs today but I fall asleep so the watching have to wait. But last Sunday I tried watching the unsubbed episodes and I don’t find it appealing right now. So I guess I have to really watched episode 3 to 9 with english subs.

Last Peony Petal

Again another lakorn I have yet to finished. I am trying to compile the dramas that i have yet to finished and yet to watched by writing them down in this blog. The Last Peony Petal or Botun Greep Sood Tai stars Aum and Aff. As much as I like Aum I still cannot finished it. Oh well, I really don’t like Aff’s character also. And I don’t like the setup.

This lakorn is hilarious. The story is not too deep and would classify on a romantic comedy drama. But one thing is for sure, Mart Krissada and Janie Tienposuwan are really charming. And the scenes between Mart and his father was something that I always look forward too.

This drama starts with Mart (Adtee) making a move on Mui (Janie). But Mui is a dedicated doctor who is sought after by her college sweetheart now co doctor who on the other hand is being wooed by Mart’s guy brother. Mui has a sister who was set up to marry Mart’s gay brother. The story is full of twist and turns and a lot of a laughter. It’s a feel good movie but there are times that you wanted to wring the neck of the gay brother. lol.