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Here’s to all positive things this coming 2009!

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Last Day of the Year

Before I go on a cleaning and cooking marathon, I blogged. lol. Blogging has been a part of my life for 2008. Why not ? Since blogging cured my longing for my husband and its also a form of communication between me and him. Through my mommy blog I can update him of what’s going on.

Unfortunately I am going to greet the new year with a bit of a sickness that I have been nursing two or three weeks back. Seems my immune system is at a low. It’s already given since I have LUPUS. I am looking forward to next week so that I can visit my rheumatology and to know what’s been bugging me.

The 25th

Our Christmas is spent outside of our house. Anevay had a blast when we went to the house of my father’s older sister. Though my parents have long been gone (they died when I was 15), we still keep the family tradition to go to that house for our annual family reunion (father side).

The kids had a blast while us adults have a hard time keeping with them. We all end up tired from running around to chase them. lol. But we found something to keep them occupied. I was thanking my instinct when I secured the portable dvd and memory stick with movies on my bag. Lookie!


I was able to watch this yesterday due to the husband persistence. My husband knows the movie that interest me so he know I’ll somehow appreciate it and would take my mind off the pain I am feeling at that time.

The movie is about David who discovered his ability to teleport when he was 15. Through his ability he was able to rob banks and live richly. Until Morgan Freeman was able to trace his whereabouts. It was an interesting movie but I got a suprise in the end of the movie when I saw who else? Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). lol.

Negligent blogger

It’s been a while since I log in this blog. I have delete 100+ spam comments so that means its really been long since I updated this space of mine in the world wide web. The Christmas rush has gotten into me plus the endless walks on different malls has taken its tool on my body. I am now staying at home for two straight days now. And today I haven’t carried my little girl since my left shoulder is killing me. My husband think it’s because Anevay is getting heavier for me. I am still observing myself since I am a bit paranoid because I am having a hard time breathing. With my history of blood clot and a big percentage of acquiring a heart disease because of prolong prednisone used because of my lupus I needed to vigilant with what is going on with my body. I wanted to stay away from stress but the long holiday is getting into me because of my payables. I needed to settles some bills but am not sure if banks will have normal bank operations next week. Do you think debt collection agencies will open next week?

Happy Holidays

I might not be able to go online so let me greet everybody…from our family to yours…

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Hello BLOG! How are you?

Things have been getting busy in our household. We are most of the time out of the house and into the mall doing some shopping. Not only because its Christmas but its also because its the time I can go to the mall with an escort since the husband is here. He is tasked on following our little girl while I do the shopping. lol. Don’t you love my husband? That is not all. My lupus is also starting to take can control of my body again ( but of course I won’t let it) that sometimes walking is painful. Still, it won’t prevent me from celebrating Christmas.


Since the husband was home I get loads of movies to watch through his hard disk. Yesterday while I saw myself with nothing to do, he told me to watch NEXT. The movie stars Nicolas Cage (who for my point of view is not ageing gracefully and Jessica Biel ( the pairing is a mismatch for me).

Anyway Cage plays the role of a magician who can predict what will happen in the next two minutes of his life (yes, two minutes!). Because of his talent, the FBI started tracking him to force him to locate a nuclear bomb. He can’t keep on running away from them while waiting for Jessica Biel in a couple shop everytime of the day because he dream of her.

For five straight days

she has been in our tv screen. her story being played two to three times a day with a little break by watching beauty and the beast, cinderella, snow white or sleeping beauty. She is now the top pick of my little girl. And Anevay now know the lines of the theme song. The movie is about how Tinkerbell was born and her struggle as a fairy. Because of the Tinkerbell’s story I am looking forward in knowing the background of PeterPan. lol.

The husband is laughing when I told him that Tinkerbell is so sexy that she does not need Leptovox.

What Happen in Vegas?

The husband and I have a movie date again last Saturday. Well it’s not a date in the theater but rather in our living room enjoying our latest upgraded entertainment appliances. The movie stars Cameron Diaz. I love her eversince I saw her in My BestFriends Wedding. But somehow I got a little bit irritated with Ashton Kutcher. Maybe because in the movie he show signs of being dumb. lol.

Anyway, this is a feel good movie. The story is ordinary but if you wanted to watched something to release some of your stresses then watch it.