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The movie

okay, don’t frown and say Oh well this is another Twilight post. lol. Yes, it is. But do you know that the movie is not yet shown in the Philippines as I am writing this. But guess what ? Because of technology and my resourcefulness I am now watching the movie on the comfort of my home. But unfortunately my 72 minutes are up. hahaha. So I needed to wait for one hour just so I can watch the next scenes. My first impression : Edward Cullen looks gayish. No offense. I like Robert Pattinson in HP but the lips and color (the makeup to make him look like a vampire) is a sore to my eye. Oh well. I’ll give you my feedback after I finished watching it.

The Cullen Family

Gorgeous family eh? I would prefer Alice over Bella anytime of the day. Bella get into my nerves you know. lol.

I still can’t get over the Twilight Books. They may not be the best written book in town but they are good breather from my daily routine. I finished the four books last week. I like the first and the last book. But have to skip some pages on the second and third. The Breaking Dawn (the fourth and final installment) is the best for me. Meyers was able to show that we can live harmoniously in this world if only we can discipline ourselves. I think I have to wait for months till I can watch the movie which has generated $70.2 ticket sales last weekend.

Another Thai lakorn that i watched via YOUTUBE. This one is your typical lakorn with a lot of misunderstanding and slapping. lol.

This stars Win Tawin as Tawanchai and Kwan Usamanee as Torfan. Tawanchai went back to Thailand when his Granpa, Father and Uncle died. During the reading of the will they discovered that their is another heir. His Uncle’s daughter. He needed to search for this long lost daughter and that search led to Torfan. She is the daughter of Wanna, a once servant of their family and had a relationship with his uncle. Because Torfan is after the well being of her family she decided to move in the house of Tawanchai. Living under one roof prove to be the bridged for the two to fall in love. Of course its a forbidden love since both know that they are blood related. But are they?

I just finished watching Pink Boo or Bo See Chompoo in Thai. This drama stars Chakrit Yaemnam and Angie Hastings. Chakrit is not really that handsome but he has that appeal that would make you swoon. hahaha!

Anyway, the drama is all about Boo (Angie Hastings) whose dream in life is to marry a rich man since she believes that would make her happy. She is a gold digger who gets money from her boyfriend but thats because she has to support his nephew and older sister who loss her sanity after being broken hearted. He mets Pon (Chakrit) in a hotel she was working. Pon knew of his gold digging back ground because she victimized his bestfriend Det. He tried to exposed her and through the ordeal of exposing her and through there fights both found themselves falling in love with each other.

Feels a lot like Christmas

The popular online eyeglasses shop and widely known for its $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses has now a set of eyeglasses that would perfectly fit in this holiday season. You can now get Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. Cute design being sold at an affordable rate. I was browsing through the frames and I cannot help but pick this out.

Elegant and stylish, huh?

Popularity: 4% [?]

Four books in Four days

I have finished all four twilight saga books and what can I say? Well, even if there was a time I was a little bit discontented on how Meyers writes the first three books the last and final installment made me like her. Breaking dawn is my favorite among the four. It has everything love, camaraderie, unity. Somehow it conveys that if we are disciplined then our world might be a better place to live in.

Oh I am going to miss the Cullens. Not just Edward but the whole clan and the pack!

Popularity: 1% [?]

Love or Bread Episode 1

It all started with Frank having a dream that he is filthy rich and then Shan Mei going to the office and being congratulated by her office mate (turns out that her office mate aren’t really happy for her). Shan Mei works as a telemarketer who calls those who cannot settle their credit card debts. That’s how she met Frank. At the time she called Frank, there are goons who are beating up Frank and fortunately one of them accidentally move the phone which was the way for Shan Mei to hear Frank being tortured. So she rushed over to Frank’s home and she was able to save him.

It’s been a long time since I watch a Kdrama so while I was browsing through and Love Marriage is one of the drama on their hot list. I took the gamble and watched.

The first thing that bug me about this drama is the hair of the lead actress. lol. Though I’ve seen a worst hair in Rainie in Miss No God. lol. But in contrast to Rainie, the lead actress sported that hair all through out the drama.

I am a little bit posting about this drama since it already aired its pilot episode in Taiwan last Sunday @ 10pm. This drama is the third collaboration of Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng so there are a lot of Arjoe fanatics out there who are waiting for this one.

Synopsis of Love or Bread from DramaWiki:

I was already preparing myself to a heartbreak because of how the story is unfolding but as I watch the episode I still kept my fingers crossed that somehow the ending won’t be as bad as I expected it to be.

And now here I am contemplating if I am going to write about how the drama ended or just write what I felt when I was watching it. I have decided to do the later since I don’t really like giving out spoilers nor having to read spoilers per se.