I don’t know what took me so long to watched this. Maybe its because I have search through the internet for its synopsis but have found none. It’s just a brief description about two sisters. When I can seem to find any more lakorn with english subs, I took the gamble. I never watched a drama without a synopsis.

The drama started with a female actress riding her bike and swerving down the road. Then a car is behind her and the person in the passenger seat was annoyed and so they bump into her. At this point I am a little bit confused. Because the scene shifted into another location with another actress being harrassed by a woman ( she is a villain in one of the lakorns I watched so I now what her role is already). And after carefully looking into the leads I realized that the lead actress portray two roles (King and Kaew).

Kaew was raised by the seaside by her parents. There he met the lead actor, Tat, who is the passenger on the car. At first their personality clashed since Tat was brokenhearted and Kaew is meddlesome. But Kaew was able to cure Tat’s heart and then because of this Tat’s mother asked Kaew and her parents to move in to their house so that Kaew can continue schooling.

On the other hand, King is living with his stepmother and step siblings. Two of her siblings were cruel to her while only one protects her. Her father is somehow indifferent to her because her mother killed his mother, King’s grandmother.

By a twist of fate Kaew and King met. And both looks identical. Watch this lakorn to unveil the relationship between Kaew and King and how Tat plays an important role in Kaew’s life.

My take : Like any lakorn you have the love hate relationship between Kaew and Tat. It so typical but I enjoyed it because the chemistry of Pat and Por (Kaew and Tat) is there. It reminds me of Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng match especially since Pat somehow resembles Ariel Lin physically as well as how she acts.

This drama has its share of chasing and getting away from the bad guys but what I really like about it are the sweet moments. This drama has left a good impression on me that I search for another Pat and Por drama to watch. And it came to my knowledge that this two have made a lot of lakorns together. Lucky me right?

For english subs, you can tune in to maraphang’s channel in YOUTUBE. She has some more lakorns there waiting to be discovered.

I needed some HDMI so I am off to look for it.

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    bb's roni said

    March 12 2009 @ 2:39 am

    thanks so much for the synopsis!! seriously i am so with you i cannot not watch a movie/drama without synopsis to see if its worth watching or not

    anyways have been trying to find a summary of this lakorn and maybe there might be a few out there but thanks to you found yours!! thanks so much for the summary!!


    aqil3s said

    June 12 2011 @ 10:57 pm

    can u tell me another link for this lakorn ?????


    mil3tt3 said

    June 21 2011 @ 3:45 pm


    i’m sorry but that’s the only link i know right now.

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