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Hot Shot Episode 14

I was not able to watch this on TV last night since I decided to sleep early. And as of this writing Asian Dramas have not posted the raw videos so I went to Youtube to hunt. lol. I think YOUTUBE is deleting any videos related to hot shots so uploaders are changing its name. hahahaha.

Anyway, the drama started with a scene from Ep 13 between DFX and Qui Kui, with the former saying goodbye to the later because he will look for Ji Er. AFter the conversation, an army of men wearing coat and tie encircled DFX, showing a sign of battle. DFX was able to win over the armies and then his Grandpa came. DFX received a slap while Ji ER was hidden watching the commotion.

Pardon me

for the barrage of Twilight pose. This only shows how frustrated not to get that book. haha. Help me! lol. Actually a blogger friend have already offered me an ebook but I declined the offer since I feel that I would appreciate the Twilight series more if I am holding the book. I am also thinking if I am going to buy the hard bound though it is expensive.

Twilight Movie

To add to my frustration of not being able to get that Twilight book, I would also would not be able to watch the movie in the big screen given my situation right now. Poor Me! hahaha! Anyway here is the trailer of the movie.

Watching the trailer really makes me want to read the book first. Anyway, Edward Cullen will be played by Robert Pattinson, who also played Cedrick Diggory in Harry Potter. Here is the poster of the movie.

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To buy or not to buy?

Last Wednesday, my sister and brother in law took a day off from work. And fortunately they were in the mood to go to the mall. Every since Anevay turned two years old we never go to the mall unless I have someone to accompany me. With hubby working abroad and not having a nanny, going to places has been a challenging and tiring task for a mommy like me. So, I was happy for this chance because I have been planning for a long time now to scout for some bathroom vanities and some bedroom essentials.

I want! I want! I want!

As the showing of the twilight movie is coming near, my frustration of being able to buy the book is reaching its heights. lol. I have asked my older sister and brother in law to look for it in every possible bookstore here in the metro but lo and behold it is out of stock. They even went to one of the branch in the province but nada. Shucks! I don’t want to buy it online because the shipping cost will surely be much expensive than the book itself. haha.

This has been a talk of the town or should I say, it was a talk of the town when it was show a few months back. I’ll be honest, I will never go to a moviehouse to watch a Filipino movie. Never once in my life. So even if this is highly rated and highly publicized I still won’t dare go and watch it on the big screen.

But last week it was available online. And I took a gamble to watch it just so I would know why it made such a noise. Here is the synopsis :


okay, sorry for the title because it was what came out of my mouth the moment I saw this on my dashboard.

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The truth was I am going to write here that I am now running under Wordpress 2.6.2. I upgraded my blog through the aid of the automatic upgrade from Bluehost. But I was about to write it I saw the notification. So much for being up to date, huh ? Oh well, the upgrade has to wait until I feel better.

It isn't HOT SHOT

Many of us are anticipating the drama that will replaced the timeslot of They Kiss Again. TKA is being aired here in the Philippines and will have its finale Friday of next week. When I heard the advertisement that it will end soon I was thinking what drama will take over TKA’s schedule.

Hana Kimi and then Romantic Princess were aired just before TKA here in the Philippines. And then there was an ad already for HOT SHOT in ABS CBN. So I think a lot of televiewers were expecting that HOT SHOT might be the one to be aired after TKA. But because HOT SHOT is still being shown in TAIWAN I know that will not be the case.

I have been intrigued

by Michael Zhang. lol. I have seen him in at least three dramas (A Game about Love, Hot Shot and just today I discovered he is in BASKETBALL TRIBE) and there is always a part where he is injured, limping, one of his leg handicap. I was thinking, have he injured himself in real life ?

I don’t really know much about him and I haven’t research about him either but I am just curious about the similarity of his role on the three dramas. And just this afternoon while I was channel surfing…lol…I was asking myself if he was the one in BASKETBALL TRIBE which is being aired here in the Philippines. But unfortunately no site has an english subs for it. So I really haven’t watched.