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Original Title : Ruk Ter Took Wun starring Ken and Aom

It started with Aom’s character Irissa passing by accidentally on the photoshot of Ken’s character Watin. It was love at first sight for both but since there is a social gap Irissa is somehow hesitant on Watin, not to mention there is an actress named Rose that persitently comes in between them. And then to form the love square Taewang (Watin’s bestfriend) started to court Irissa.

Hot Shot Episode 10

I’ll just give you these week’s episode highlights :

Episode 10 started off with YDY staring dreamily at Ji Er in class

What is he dreaming about ?

On the other hand, Xiang is still uneasy with Can’s appearance resulting to his lack of confidence.

Then, W and W’s ex-fiance met for dinner not to rekindle their love but to intimidate each other.

Next day, after the meeting of Pili’s basketball team, Ji Er who is just outside (after the conversation with Da Ying) received a text from Xiang which is intended for Qui Kui. So the revelation begins.

Partial Official List from BFAD

In last night news the partial official list of recalled products due to MELAMINE was announced. I was listening to the list and was somehow wondering if I should throw the CARNATION CALCIUM PLUS NON FAT MILK I have at home because it is on BFAD list. Though I bought the milk I think a month ago. So is it still affected ? Too bad I already throw its box. I cannot confirmed if its from China. For the PARTIAL LIST of RECALLED Products please visit the BFAD website.

On the other hand, if you are a merchant wanting to explore ECOMMERCE you might want to check out

It’s all over the news. And it has been creating awareness and concern on consumers. But unfortunately, the Bureau of Food and Drugs have not yet released a list of products to be banned and not to be consumed because of the China Milk Scare.

There is a circulating list of recalled products through emails and text messages. Though the list is unofficial, for a mom of a 2 year old like me it’s always best to practice with caution. As the saying goes ‘Better safe than sorry!’.

Saying that, here is the list : 

  1. M&Ms
  2. Snickers

Busy Bee

I am a busy bee nowadays. There are a lot of things that need to be done but seems I always run out of time. Sometimes I lost myself and forget my priorities. Like right now, I need to be searching for some franchise opportunity
in an attempt to come up with some business ideas. But instead here I am blogging and plurking. Oh well, I really need to start moving and be proactive.

Popularity: 1% [?]

The Whistle

a.k.a. KooTae Patiharn starring Jesadaporn Pholdee (TIK)  as MuuTon Natthaweeranuch Thongmee as TarnNum

while looking for a drama to watch in Crunchyroll, I saw the handsome face in a thumbnail for a Thai Movie, The Whistle. Since  I can’t find a suitable drama I took the gamble and watch it.

Judging from the comments, I know this movie has a bitter sweet ending. But when I watched it, I was like puzzled of how Tik really is.

or Song Rao…Nirundon starring Ken and Aom.

Okay, maybe it was a Ken drama so I did not bother to read through the feedbacks because I was watching in YOUTUBE. When I was just three or four episodes away from the ending I realized that CR has it and one user was kind enough to write a spoiler. haha. And then I regretting watching it. Because the ending made my heart ache. Just imagine a lakorn having a Lakorn ending. haha.

or Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong starring Ken and Janie. Eventhough I really like Ken, i took me days to check out this drama. And when I did, I skip about five or six episodes. The part wherein they were stranded on the island seems to draggy for me so I decided not to watch it.

I started watching the episodes when they were back to their normal lives. And involved on the love square. Ken’s character is seeking for the killer of his dad while Janie’s character Vina is against a influential businessman BuangSuang. Somehow as the story goes the two are now up against BuangSuang.

or Hua Jai Chocolate starring MOS and AOM.

I try to avoid watching this lakorn for a couple of weeks now due to the not so good feedback of those who watched it. I saw a remark that this is somewhat draggy so I did not prioritize watching it.

But when I run out of lakorns to watch, I gamble and fortunately its not that bad. Maybe it was not that popular because the guy is not that good looking.

Hot Shot Episode 9

So glad, HE turn out to be the unlikely hero for the game. HE was able to catch the fiery assist from YDY and got the shot on time. Yehey! lol! This goes to show that Pili5 players are improving. It is no longer a DFX-YDY show only, now it involves the rest of the time. But of course the shot won’t be possible if not for the great assist from DFX and then YDY.

So the team rejoices aside from DFX who have was is affected by the presences of the scary looking Can.