it took me a while to do a post about the ending. Actually it was only know that I did watch it. Last Sunday, I was in front of the tv but I was watching HOTSHOT. Truth is, when HOTSHOT started I loss the interest to watch FTLY. Because the drama has been predictable and i thought they should have ended it earlier to avoid being draggy.

The first part of Episode 24 shows the agony of a married women over the fact that she can’t be a mother. Adding to the pressure is the thought that he married an heir and the only person who can carry out the Ji generation. Despite being assured by his husband, of course a woman can only feel depressed. Not to mention that every people around her is are getting pregnant including Mary, her ex officemate and then her two older sister. The unmarried sister was impregnated by Anson.

Then one morning, Xin Yi got some stomach pain. She was rushed to the hospital and then Dr. Hao told Cun Xi and Grandma that Xin Yi is pregnant and that the hospital she went for a check up and who told her that she is sterile is a hospital that issues wrong medical results in order to gain some profit. And so to speak everybody is happy.

The episode ended with the three sisters in creek side and then all of a sudden all three felt the pain. No ambulance was at hand so they have to give birth right there and there. The END.

To watch episode 24 with english sub CLICK HERE.

Here are the sites that have this drama with english subs — > AZNV, MYSOJU and FTLY BLOG.

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    mary julie beth bornales said

    August 2 2011 @ 11:22 am

    fated to love is a very nice movie….na touch ako sa story nila..and it also made me cry..huhuhu…xendi is so pathetic..just like me…

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