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Early Morning Rant

Every morning, after preparing the breakfast for the little one, I would turn on my laptop to check emails, see stats. Last night, because I was talking to the husband I told myself I would do all task in the morning before we go to the mall to buy my nephew his badminton racket. He lost his old one in school and his competition is coming up so the ever spoiler aunt in me told him will buy one tomorrow. lol.

I’ve watched this last week but I was so busy to do a writeup.

Actually I have long been wanting to watch this since I saw it in AZNV but at that time I was having buffer issue on their side. So I put in hold. As always, its a KIMURA TAKUYA drama so I am looking forward to watching it. As I have said in the past, KIMUTAKU’s dramas are worth your time.

On being a FANACTIC!

I know there are a lot of die hard fans out there to actors and actresses here and abroad. Although, I admire some actors and actress, I wouldn’t consider myself a die hard fan. I never put too much effort like falling in line just to get a glimpse of that much admired star nor I let out a scream when I saw them. I have great respect for those fans who go out of their way to support the stars they admire.


or should I say most of the time, the call center support of my dsl pisses me off bigtime! Last night, I already reported a problem to them. I cannot access one of the website that I needed to access everyday. And that website is so important. The call center agent told me that there might be a congestion on the line of the host but i told him I don’t think so because I can access the site through Monsterproxy.

I wanted to watch this drama but because of the feedback of those who have watched it I had second thought. Until Shaz, one of my commenters told me that it isn’t that bad. So I heed her advise. And boy was I glad because i got a good dose of Jerry Yan in this drama. lol.

Honestly, I only like Jerry Yan now. I never like him during his Meteor Garden days. Maybe its because of his role and hairdo ( I really don’t like guys with long hair, LJK is an exception. lol!). So when I saw him on hot shot, I am now singing a different song. I wanted to watch a Jerry Yan drama while waiting for subbed episodes of the said drama.

Fated to Love You : The Ending

The story that started on cruises has come to an end. And because of HOT SHOT I lost interest on it.

Quite frankly, i felt that this series should have ended earlier. I was still anticipating future episodes when Xin Yi was still in Shanghai. And Cun Xi was doing all sorts of things to get her back until he learn of the wrong doing of Ana. At that time I thought it was going to end.

it took me a while to do a post about the ending. Actually it was only know that I did watch it. Last Sunday, I was in front of the tv but I was watching HOTSHOT. Truth is, when HOTSHOT started I loss the interest to watch FTLY. Because the drama has been predictable and i thought they should have ended it earlier to avoid being draggy.

The HOT Shot Superman Dance

While browsing through Youtube i found the video that I have been looking for so long, from the time I’ve seen it. Know what it is ? It’s when the team dance on the Superman song in HOT SHOT.

The Superman song has a catchy beat that would really get your attention. In fact, for weeks now its been on my head. lol.

And the video is really something. I heart Jerry Yan. haha.

You can view the BTS of the Superman dance, here!

Popularity: 1% [?]

Who would have thought that I would be infront of the television watching a series whose language I cannot understand. But man, despite the language barrier I seem to understand majority of the parts.

Episode 5 started with DFX on the balcony of his house waiting for Ji er. Unfortunately, Ji er is with Da Ying. I was suprised to see that DFX will be giving Ji Er a ring. And it seems like an engagement ring to me. But he was not able to give it because Ji Er arrive with Da Ying. There is a moment that Ji ER wanted to knock on DFX door but she restrain herself. The next morning, Ji Er went to DFX house to wake him up but the later is already awake. There was a conversation between them which of course I can’t understand. lol.

It 5:30

and the little girl and I are awake already. She was crying around 4am so I decided to go out of the room and when she saw her toys she was already smiling.

Now, I am blogging while she is playing with her laptop. I slept at 1am because I was watching GOODLUCK. I have finished its 4th episode and so far so good. It’s Kimura Takuya, what would you expect right. I hope I can finished the series tonight.

Popularity: 1% [?]