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Mhay gave this award back to me. I already posted this on my other blog but for Mhay I am also posting it here.

WW : Cleaning Time

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Work in Progress

There are too many things that are on my mind right now. I am struggling so bad in terms of time management. Something that I never had a problem when I was in the office. Right now, I need to squeeze in exercise time, mommy time, blogging time and sauna time. lol!

Unfortunately I cannot draft a suitable sched since everything is dependent on my little one. Yesterday, I have given up some more time in the treadmill so that I can squeeze in some sauna time. The sauna has been set up and I was already to take my seat and looking for some soothing time. And then the little girl woke up, so I scrap my SAUNA TIME.

Refreshing visit

My two friends from my previous office have visited us on Anevay’s 2nd birthday. Actually they were already for the party since they arrived at around 9pm. They took the long route from LIBIS to CUBAO to MARIKINA.

The moment they saw me they said that I was a wee bit different from the last time we met. That’s because of my weight gain. But they told me that my skin was back to normal, no more rashes, no more spot. I have always been plagued by rashes every since i got LUPUS. So they were glad seeing my skin improving. They even told me that my skin is whiter that ever.

Wordpress 2.6

This blog is NOW running under WORDPRESS 2.6. No glitches during the upgrades but I am still observing if the PLUGINS will work well with it. 2.6 has now WORD COUNT. But unfortunately, I accidentally the BLOGROLL PAGE plugin. It has nothing to do with the upgrade. lol. So I still need to restore it. Right now everything is going smooth.

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And so it did not end up this week. Just watching the preview would somehow give you that it won’t END yet. For this week, although they added the Dylan and Anna’s first step to being reunited as brother and sister, I can see that the drama is showing some signs that some upcoming scenes will be DRAGGY. Just like the Ying Ye 3 + 1.

Looking For

One time last week I was searching for the Iljimae episodes in YOUTUBE. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find it. So I stopped. I wanted to watch even the raw videos because I just want to see LJK in action. Truth is if not for him I won’t be watching this drama.

I only finished watching 13 english subbed episodes of it. This week it is now on its 19th episode with soaring ratings. Currently number in the whole of Korea. Next week will be its last episode. Many are speculating on its ending especially most Kdramas ended in tragedy. Oh men, I do hope Iljimae won’t die. hehe! And by the way he was named Iljimae because of the drawing of the flower he always left at the scene of the crime he committed.

Too many things to do

yet so little time.

I thought I won’t be busy yesterday because I have ordered food from McDo but I thought wrong. lol. I started cooking at around 10am, was able to rest a few minutes before the little girl’s mini birthday party.

I was so glad that nine kids were able to come. The kids live near my brother’s apartment which is a little bit far from our house. The little girl was so happy with her visitors.

This drama recently ended and its now that I remembered it. This drama stars none other that the great KIMURA TAKUYA. For me any drama that has KIMUTAKU in it is worth watching.

Synopsis from dramawiki :

The story begins with the deaths of ruling party’s Fukuoka legislator and his eldest son, his heir apparent, in an accident. It is decided that a by-election will be held, and Kanbayashi Masaichi, the leader of the ruling party, and secretary Miyama Rika conceive the idea of fielding the second son, Asakura Keita, who had been renounced by his father.

WW : Birthday Cake

This was posted to celebrate my little girl’s 2nd birthday.

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