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After talking about bounce rate last week, I have again discovered something that might makes some eyebrows raised. Majority of us bloggers involved ourselves in what we can call viral tagging. Through an innocent onlooker’s eyes you would think its advantageous because you will be gaining a lot of backlinks just by posting. I also thought that way until one day while bloghopping I read this article that says Technorati and Google penalize blogs that engage in viral tagging and link farming. This post of BluePanJeet got me thinking.

I watched this drama because one it has Kimura Takuya. I equate KimuTaku to great dramas. Two, i love the synopsis its all bout a not so typical public prosecutor. And last, according to Wiki, Hero is a Japanese drama series that aired in Japan on Fuji TV in 2001. In 2006, a two-hour special miniseries for the television series was broadcast. Hero holds the #1 average TV rating record over the 25 years in Japan (34.3%). It’s so successful that it was made into a film as HERO the Movie after a long time in 2007, which reached #3 on 2007 yearly chart in Japan.

Manny Pacquiao KOs David Diaz

Yap, he did it again. He won over Diaz. No I haven’t watched the fight because I am busy blogging and through surfing I found out that he won. Right now I think its only the six round that is being aired locally.

Here is the article from AOL sports written by Michael David Smith :

Manny Pacqiuao knocked out David Diaz tonight in Las Vegas with a sensational showing, one that electrified the crowd and solidified the Filipino’s spot atop the boxing world.

I never want to watch this drama until the episodes are completely subbed in english. But I can seem to fight the urge to see another Vic Zhou drama. lol! Truth is I am not an F4 fan even if they were a big hit in the Philippines a long time ago. I never joined the hype of worshipping the four. Nor did I watch Meteor Garden 1 and 2. But among the four I like Vic Zhou the most.

  1. Loneliness :: is my company
  2. Traffic :: jam
  3. Chaos :: the movie starring Wesley Snipes, Ryan Philippe and Jason Statham
  4. Burp :: full
  5. 500 :: bucks
  6. Movie :: marathon
  7. Coma :: bedridden
  8. Bark :: dog
  9. Stare :: in dazed
  10. Angelina :: Jolie

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Feeling down

I received yet another blow. Last night I was chatting with hubby through YM when he told me that one of their flatmate will be moving out of their flat because this July he would be bringing his family to Kuwait. I was happy but at the same lonely. Happy because I know how hard it is for him to have left his family behind at the time when his sons needed him the most. Lonely because we too should have been in Kuwait already as a family if not for me failing the medical test.

My weekend last week was started watching this Jdrama. I took a gamble of watching it because of the feedback and ratings in AZNV. And because of this drama I wanted to much more because I enjoyed it very much.

Synopsis from Dramawiki :

A gloomy day

Its cloudy in our part of the world. The little girl is sound asleep while I’m blogging. Am not feeling well right now. I even fell asleep in our sofa while Anevay was playing. Its one of those days when I just feel tired. Tired physically and mentally.

I am thinking on how to celebrate Anevay’s birthday especially now that daddy might not be able to come home. I am considering celebrating Avey’s birthday in Jollibee or I’ll just use the money to enroll her in little gym. But until now I’m still undecided.

Saturday 9 : Tell Us About IT

I never had any relationship with a guy except my husband. He is my first and last boyfriend.

1. How did you meet?

We were employed on the same company and we came from the same group of trainees. Although he was way ahead of me. He is eight years my senior.

2. Was it lust at first sight?

I don’t think so.

3. Were they currently available?


4. How important is physical attraction?

On my part, I really don’t pay much attention to physical attraction.

5. How important is intellectual attraction?

WU CHUN in Manila

Was watching TV Patrol World when I heard that this man will be coming to Manila.

Wu Chun will be in Manila from July 12 – 14. He even wrote it in on his blog. With an OO andito ako phrase pa. And AngeIa Zhang would be coming along too! Nice noh lalo na he can speak english. Edit : It isn’t Angela Zhang but Calvin Chen, his co start in Romantic Princess and fellow Farenheit member. Both can speak English. So language barrier won’t be a problem. And boy abunda plug in THE BUZZ that Wu Chun will be appearing in their program live on Sunday.