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Akismet on Overtime

Everytime I open my wordpress dashboard I always see that there is always a number in my spam queue. Unfortunately, there are some non spam comments that are being screen by my Akismet as spam, so I needed to manually screen all those comments which is tiring.

But a couple of days ago I observed that some spam comments have gone passed my Akismet. Oh well, maybe my akismet was tired because it was working overtime. So, it let some spam comment pass through and let me do the screening.

Rebate for PLDT users

I am not really sure when it started. All I know was that I am having intermittent connection for the past few days. I called their helpdesk (171) and told them of my problem.

My first call was a few days ago and the call center agent asked me if I am using a router. I told her I am using DLink, so she told me to connect directly to their modem to get the IP. It turns out that the IP I got when I was wireless (via the DLINK) and the IP I got when I am connected directly to their modem was the same. So she told me to do an ipconfig/release only to get an error message. The lady on the other line told me she would tell their technical group and give me a feedback. After the call, my connection was still intermittent.

For the nth time

i’m too tired to blog. It’s the time of the month when I got mood swings because of my period. Yap! I am not pregnant. Not sure if I’m dissaponted or relieve. Dissapointed because hubby and I wanted another baby, relieved because I am afraid of all the changes that would come. I think this is the best because its God’s will.

To put me in the mood and since my last two post has connection to Asian Dramas, I went to AZNV, browse through the dramas I haven’t once and based on the rating and comments I choose to watch Yasashii Jikan.

My new crush

In the past I had big crushes on celebrities. Okay, only a few. Gio Alvarez (my high school crush during his ANG TV days) Alvin Patrimonio (my college crush), Bamboo Manalac and Matt Damon (both are my forever crush). lol! I thought I was way pass having celebrity crushes until I started watching again. No, not on TV. Because if its on TV, I might say I have a crush on Handy Manny or Bob the Builder. haha! Yeah, our tv has only one channel. But when its time for the news I tuned in to ABS so that I got an idea what’s happening in the outside world.


…and I got the answer just tonight.

During the three month of absence in the blog world all I did was to watched Asian Dramas in mysoju or aznv. From Kdrama, to Tdrama and Jdrama. That has help me a lot when I am wallowing in my lupus related depression. I have watched A LOT.


I was trying to put the related post on my page template, so I was trying to do it via trial and error. Unfortunately because of this I got an error. When I refreshed my browser to access my blog, it showed this

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<’ in /home/romelett/public_html/belles-lettresofmilet/wp-content/themes/pink-blossom-10/index.php on line 13

So I went to the .php in my template to debug it. But I know it will take time. If I upload the theme again, I would be starting from scratch. Re : widgets. Good thing, I was able to think of another solution. I open the .php file that was save in my hard disk, open it on my notepad and copied and paste it on the .php in wordpress. And my problem was fixed. I thought I was doomed! lol!

Another ENTRECARD post!

The Entrecard site is down right now! I am currently coming up with a list of sites that I would bookmark so that I could drop my card on their site everyday. lol! Addict! I plan to come up with around 300 sites. I found Ty’s method efficient. So I am coming up with my own list and hopefully get to 300.

So have Entrecard help me ? I think so. It really attracts traffic. Most of my visits comes from Entrecard inbox. Here are some of the things I’ve learn as I familiarized myself with Entrecard.

Cashflow 101 and 202

Most of us are familiar with Rich Dad, right ? I got to know him when I attended one of the wealth management seminar held by Philam. The speaker talks about Rich Dad’s four quadrants and other teaching. When I got a copy of Bo Sanchez’ Eight Secret of the Truly Rich and Larry Gamboa’s Think Rich Pinoy both of them mentioned Rich Dad.

By the way, both books are really good and an eye opener. And are much cheaper than Rich Dad’s book. And if you have a copy of those book you are entitled to a free financial check up. Nope! I am not connected with them I just saw day that one in Bo’s site.

HoT Week #40

This is my first time to join this meme.

For this week its :

          TAILS - Tell about your job (Or one you’ve had)

Before I decided to be a full time mom, I am employed with the leading IT company in the world. I am not only talking about personal computer but also servers, printers etc, anything that is IT.

I joined this company when I was about to graduate in college, when I was just 19 years old. A neophyte with no knowledge whatsoever of the operation. The job that I was doing was a job that is different from the degree I got from college.


Until this time, I am still not sure what my condition is. I am already three days delayed but on the first day I got only one pink line…NEGATIVE. I am having some worries because before I got pregnant an ultrasound test showed a cyst in my ovary. Although my OB in St. Lukes said its not big deal. And when I transferred to my OB in UST, she did not mention anything. I wanted to erase the occurence of the cyst in my mind but I just can’t.