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How did she do it ?

Last week while i was busy typing in my laptop i heard a sound. It’s something I did not expect so I know I have to go and check. And there I saw my little princess sitting comfortable while getting all the baby wipes in its plastic container. When I called Anevay and asked her what she was doing, she looked at me and smiled. I took away the wipes and she said thank you.

There she goes..again!

The little princess is getting more active as the day goes by. Just yesteday, while I was getting out of our room I was greeted by her smilling face sitting on the arm rest of the sofa while her legs were swaying. This is much safer that seeing her walk on the armrest just like a gymnast balancing herself in the beam. You would never know what she is up to until she does it!

What's going on ?

Well, as the yr 2008 begins I find it kinda hard to blog. There are a lot of things to blog about but I can’t seem to find the energy to blog until now.

Blogging has taken a back seat ? Why ? Well, I got addicted watching Asian dramas (Kdrama, Jdrama, Tdrama) hahahah! Now I am tired of watching so I am back to blogging. I am thinking if I am going to write about the dramas I watched. Some are really worth watching, some are and some are waste of time. hahahah!

why do i love thee..

let me count the ways ;)

Eds tagged me with this question.

The Question:
What do you love the most about your husband/ wife/ partner?

Ironically in the past, when the mood strike, both hubby and me would throw this question to each other. Sometimes my mind would go blank because its too sudden and would just only answer BECAUSE.

But now let me enumerate why i love my husband and my love for him keeps on growing as time goes by.

Baby, baby!

Nowadays when I talk to hubby I always end up teasing him or should I say, I am not entirely teasing somehow what I am saying is what I like right now but due to many factors I still have to move my desire to have a baby boy next year.

Having Anevay have given me an urged to have another baby before I turned 30. But right now I am giving way to my older sister who plans to have a baby this year. And all the maternity dress and baby clothes are with me. Only we don’t have a baby cribs because we give it to someone who needed it last year. Well, as my husband says. Lets just wait for god’s plan.


Different types of insurance are becoming popular nowadays. There are those sites that offers quotation online. The insurance they have varies but most of them are into car insurance.

For some people insurance are bothersome. Especially for those who cannot make both end meets. For them insurance cut off money from their budget. They do not see the benefits of the insurance until it was too late. I remember the story the insurance agent told me. One of her clients died before paying her policy that’s why he left nothing to his family. Poor thing! But i guess that’s life.


I was never into fancy clothing. I go for simple and comfortable clothes even when I was working. Sometimes when I am in the mood i go for the “power dressing” thing but that is once in a blue moon. If you come to observe people you would actually see their personality on how they dress, right ?

But sometimes the manner how people dress depends on what they are doing. I always love to see slim ladies, riding a horse and competing and wearing those equestrian clothing. Aren’t they glamorous ? Especially if they win ;)

Succession planning

Have you heard what succession plan is ? For me it is something that should have been implemented on every company to make sure the success of it is maintained. If it is implemented it can assured that their would be growth professionally.

Sometimes company or bosses are guilty of keeping one employee in the same position for many years because they see that the he/she is really good at his position. Forgetting that the individual should also be moved as to broaden his horizon and make sure she grow professionally. That’s why sucession planning is important.

Espresso machine

With our technology today a lot of machines are being invented to make our lives more comfortable. I remember when I was just in high school, I hear adults saying that there will come a time that robots will replace human in the work force and there would be less opportunity to work.

I am not sure if we are heading on that direction already but all I know is that machines really make life more comfortable and enjoyable just like espresso machines, right ? oh well.

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Down on memory lane

If my first manager reminds me of coffee then my I remember my second manager when I see popcorn. hahahah! In my eight years of working in Parts Center I had four manager. And you would be asking me why pop corn ?

Well, he likes to bring uncooked popcorn to the office for us to eat. I guess he just enjoy seeing us consumed what he brings in. Although we do not have popcorn machines we used the microwave in our pantry and there we would eat to our hearts content. In contrast to my first manager my second manager is not that strict. Maybe because he was a field personnel before he became a manager. Well, i guess i am in the mood right now to remember those things. Change really is the only inevitable thing in this world.