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Today is the 23rd and it marks Anevay reaching her 20th month birthday. Everytime I see her running or communicating with me or lying beside me, I always utter a heartfelt thank you to God for allowing me to rear a precious creature.

It really amazes me how one developed. And looking at Anevay I am really grateful that we were able to overcome those storms.

How is Anevay this days ? Well,

  • she spent her morning watching playhouse disney. And now she nows every commercial that is being played. You will just be surprised once in a while that she will recite something that is the same on the tv.

Was I shocked ?

I was busy doing my stuff at our room at ease because I know Anevay is watching playhouse disney. And then I heard a sound. A sound created by a glass being put down on a wooden surface. I realized that Anevay was able to grab the glass that is on our dining table that I have to rush out of the room for fear that she might get hurt if the glass slip from her hand.

Then and Now

I was tagged by Mhay.

“If you still keep your baby’s first 3 days photos, We would love to see them. Label them as 1st, 2nd or 3rd day (as shown below). After that, please post the most recent one, one photo will do. You can post as much as you want though. I’m sure you will realize and tell yourself “seems like yesterday“.

For my THEN…I am posting only one picture of Anevay. It was taken on her first day at the UST nursery.

What's keeping me busy ?

You might have noticed that I seldom post here in my blog. Recently I just cannot find the will to blog. Or I am doing something much more interesting. Like watching Asian dramas over the net ? hahaha. Our little princess has been keeping me busy as well. But she really can take care of her own even if she is just a baby. She is growing up too fast. She plays and have fun by herself (that sometimes I got a thinking to have baby number 2 already!).

Why is it ?

Everybody is on vacation while Anevay and I are stucked in our house ? hehe. Just thinking. Actually we were supposedly going to my older sister’s house in Pampanga but thinking of all the hassles of packing out things and Anevay adapting to a new enviroment for days seems to be a tiring idea for me.

Silk beddings

I always prepare beddings made from 100% cotton. When buying one I make it a point to read the labels to make sure its 100%. I have in the past bought one that is a combination of cotton and polyester and it make me itchy all over. I am not exaggerating. My skin is a really that sensitive.

But I am not the person who would stop experimenting because of that. So I am considering trying on silk bedding. Anevay have a sleep wear that is silk and she really enjoys its texture. That’s why I am thinking about it.

Technology again

I am trying to research something about HDMI switches. I have seen some pictures about it and I am curious if what I have in mind is right.

I came across some good explanation about its used and I again marvelled at the developing technology that is unfolding. It serves its purpose of making human living comfortable and convenient. And it at one point there is a flaw on the design another product will be born to mend the flaw. Isn’t that great ?

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Something for me

In a just a few days March will be over. The first quarter of the year has fly by so fast. I do hope April will be a good month for me. Meaning, everything I hope for will push through with a little or no hassle.

So that I can welcome May in a much happier note. Yeah, when May comes I would be adding another number in my age. And I am thinking what would be the gift I would want to received. In the past, I would have wanted one designer jewelry but I guess when you grow old there you changed. Right now, all I wanted is for daddy and anevay and me to be healthy and be together. :)

My mind is wandering

and my fingers are also doing its share of wandering by typing and clicking. If my brain is filled with endless thoughts I would go around the net and read aimlessly. This way I am trying to destress my mind.

Through surfing I found some great sites which have pave the way to my current addiction – watching Asian drama online. Yeah, you heard it right. And i also found a site that give away Kentucky Derby party invitations. Right now I am really thanking technology. haha!

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Diet pills

Although I have been having problems with my weight I never had the guts to take on diet pills. When I got sick with LUPUS, there were rumors that I got sick because I took some diet pills because I have loss so much weight due to LUPUS.

Now I wouldn’t even touch those pills even if I am gaining weight. I am afraid that it might cause more harm than good and having LUPUS makes my body unpredictable.

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