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8 Random Bits & Pieces about Anevay

Ayan tapos na ang mga patalastas back to regular programming na. ;)

Vannie tagged me. I am planning to blog about Anevay so hitting two birds with one stone ito.

  1. Anevay is an unexpected blessing to us. When we learn that we are pregnant, I still was not sure if I was healthy enough to carry on with my pregnancy. And there might be side effect of the meds that I am taking. We thought the pregnancy was both costly and risky. But fortunately everything went smoothly. That’s why her second name is Jahzara. I found it through the internet. Jahzara is an African name for blessed princess. And Anevay was choosen by her father. It means superior. And to add to the blessings, Anevay was born July 23 (my due date is July 30) which is the birthday of my deceased father.

I dream of …

tons and tons of gold jewelry. Yeah, it runs in the family. My deceased would always say jewelries are good investments. And since they are small unlike appliances, when things got tough you can sell them off without being too obvious.

When my sister started working she started her jewelry collection then I followed when I was already employed. But things got a little bit difficult when I got lupus. Jewelries irritates me so I stopped buying them. Now, I only have a set of gold, white gold jewelries and some bracelets. I rarely used them for fear of having rashes. I only wear the most important jewelry i acquired — my wedding ring.

Summer is HERE!

Although its raining today and yesterday, I can still feel that summer is just around the corner. And this summer I wanted to go somewhere with the whole family. But unfortunately if everything would go well, we wont be going anywhere since hubby wanted to reserved mine and Anevay’s energy to endure the 12 hour flight.

I really wanted to treat the kids for a swimming in the beach or a trip to Bagiou. I wanted to go see a place like the one i saw in a website that caters Branson rentals. The kids would definitely love that. It would be a new thing for them. Too bad I really am not sure what summer will be for us. Sigh!

Like her father

My husband loves fixing things. Actually his job is to fix machines. His specialty laser printer. In his job here in the Philippines they were called field engineers. This job also has open door to his employment abroad.

I am not really sure if the trait of fixing thing have been inherited by Anevay. I always say its too early to tell. But there are signs. She fancies any cables. And mind you, she knows what the cable is for and where to insert it. I think she learn by observing. One trait that I share with his father and I think will be shared to her.

Fiber optics

The advancement of technology have brought forth the birth of fiber optic cables. When I hear this word I cannot help but remember the good old days of my on the job training and employment especially when the company moved from Makati to Libis.

It was something I would cherish since I was part of the group who have helped moved thousands of parts. I’ve also seen the removal and transfer of the cables from old office to the new. We spent one whole night at the new office just for the transfer. It was really nice. A memory worth treasuring.

Something new today

Today I learn something new. It’s always been a habit to me that whenever I encounter some words that are new to my vocabulary I would google and search for it.

That was the case for plasma cutter. I did not know that such cutter exist. So I search the web and end up checking at wiki. Plasma cutting is the process of cutting steels and metals using a torch. It is something really new to me. And as always i thank the internet for the additional knowledge.

Popularity: 1% [?]


Two things comes to my mind whenever I hear the world plasma. But my first thought would come up with a tv. And then I would think of Anevay and her daddy who share the same characteristics of being really focus when they watch tv.

Anevay now has a habit of really going near the tv and hubby and I are somewhat concern that she might develop some eye problem. So the husband again told me that we should buy the lcd tv he fancies and I think plasma lift console would also be needed.

Why am I not in the MOOD ?

There are a lot of  things to be done yet here I am procastinating.

I have been waiting for this for so long now but now that it’s here I am having second thoughts. There are a lot to be accomplished and just thinking about the list, I wanted to stop. Right now, its one down and more to go! Urgh! I do hope I can accomplished before March end. Since hubby will be here on April.

Popularity: 1% [?]

Another TV

Our tv nowadays only knows two channel. Playhouse disney and Nick. Anevay enjoys the shows on this two channels. But my problem is she goes near the tv to watch. Hubby saw this while we are chatting and told that we really need to buy the LCD tv that he is eyeing for a long time now.

If we buy the LCD then we would also be changing the tv rack. A plasma lift console would be nice. But of course, that would be put on hold first because we have some more important plans this coming april.

Sporty table

Since summer is just around the corner I am thinking of buying Anevay those portable swimming pool that are being sold in the malls. Although I am having second thoughts about it because of the water we are going to put to waste.

Our garage can surely accomodate the swimming pool. In fact since we do not have a car yet and my brother in law is not bringing his car now, the garage really is empty. A beer pong tables can even be put there. But of course, we can’t because the hubby is still contemplating on buying a car.