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As the year ends..

I got lucky. Yeah, you heard me right. Online luck strikes me when i was not expecting it. I am still on a holiday mood, i think until Jan 5.

But starting Jan 6, I would be lonesome again…haha! It would only be Anevay and me in the house. And from that day I would again be starting my countdown until hubby comes home for a vacation. That’s the life of a family with a member who is working abroad.

But still no matter how short his vacation is I am very much thankful to our LORD. We are thankful, really because we are blessed.

So here goes my vacation story which I will be doing in three separate entries.

But I think you might be asking, why Cebu ? Well, for one I plan this vacation because I want something different to happen during hubby’s vacation. And since we have not yet have an out of town trip as a family I thought of going somewhere far from home. Which includes riding an airplane. This will also test how Anevay and I would be on the trip. And Cebu because it was the first thing that come to my mind ;) haha!

Things to do

There are a lot of changes in the house. Changes that hubby made to make sure that everything will be convenient for me. Especially now that I am all alone at the house with Anevay. With no household help.

One week from now he will be leaving. And he is cramming with all the stuff that he is still planning to do. I guess with a lot to do with less time he will need to cancel some of his plans. Like putting the cabinet to store some bathroom vanities. This will be a to do for his next vacation.

Our Christmas

This Christmas is different. It is a lot happier for us since hubby is here with us, Anevay is turning into a smart and healthy kid and me getting better as a lupie.

As part of our Christmas tradition ( on my family side) we went to our paternal relatives. This brings both joy and sorrow to me. 

Everytime I see my surviving aunts and uncles, I cannot help but be sad because they reminds me of my papa and mommy. Everytime they look at Anevay with certain fondness, my heart bleds with the fact that mommy and papa were not here to see and enjoy their grandchildren. And everytime I see signs of old age, I know the time is growing near.

For your pets

I remember one meme that I joined in. There was a question there about shopping and I think I answered that I’ve done some last minute shopping.

In fact, in the past I shop Dec 23. And this year is no different. On the last minute we decided to go to the mall and buy some gift for the kids. At first we thought of just handing them some money but we voted on kids loving to open gifts so off we go.

Before I blog about our three days two nights vacation in Cebu and Bohol, I would be blogging first about our Christmas eve celebration.

This year is different in the sense that we are celebrating it the first time in our own house and second I am in charge of the food — planning what to cook and cooking what I plan. Which is really tiring.

I got no help since it was only me and hubby and anevay. I let hubby look after Anevay while I cook.

Busy season equals…

Its the time of the year when everybody seems to be busy. I thought I would be exempted from all the stress because I am now unemployed. Yet, for this Christmas I found myself gasping for time.

A week before Christmas hubby arrived, the next we went for an out of town vacation, and then upon arrival I was geared up to prepare for our Christmas eve celebration.

With all the stuff that I am doing, I found myself experiencing symptoms of a flare. I experience a terrible migraine in between the hush and bush of the season. Good thing, hubby is already here when I got some sort of LUPUS sign. And good thing, I was able to shrugged the pain off.

I missed blogging!

Well, its been what ? Two or three weeks of being inactive in blogging. Since the husband arrived, so that’s Dec 12. Things have been busy in the household. If we are not preparing the house for something, we were off somewhere buying things.

I plan to do a day to day entry of hubby’s visit until he goes off again but unfortunately I was not able to. But I was able to capture everything on my digital camera. Lucky for me!

Still busy

Yap, Christmas have been celebrated. We went to my paternal relatives and afterwards to Duty Free for some shopping, again!

But we haven’t splurged a lot. Actually we only bought some chocolates which as of the moment have occupied our refrigerator. I told hubby not to spend much since we are again paying for his annual term life insurance, which will used a large chunk of our savings. But its okay since the insurance I think is a MUST!

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Merry Christmas!

Well, I am not yet back to regular programming. I am still a busy bee. Just finished cooking for the Christmas eve and the princess is asleep. Although after posting my greeting I would be going back to my laundry ;)

Anyway, will update my blogs with stories and pictures once I got time for now may I say MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!

Thanks to Doris for the QP!

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