LUPIE, is the word I got from a LUPUS forum way back 2002. When I am researching about my illness. From then on  I call myself a LUPIE and those that suffered the autoimmune disease associated with wolf (latin LUPUS) and butterfly (rash).

LUPUS is a rare disease not known to many. And in the Philippines its not that popular. In fact, I was a guinea pig to the first hospital I was confined. And to think they are a big hospital, I was the first case of lupus to them.

On the early years of being diagnosed with the disease, I feel like I was the only person in our country who have it. But as I frequent the clinic of my rheuma I get acquinted to some of them.

But its a different story online. Yes, I’ve met some blogger who have LUPUS but none of them are Filipina. Until recently, I came across one through the WehaveLupus.Com forum and another through blog hopping.

Today, while I am going deep down my depression, the two of them (without them knowing) have uplifted my spirit.

Norly Grace, a fellow Pinay LUPIE, recently diagnosed is the one I met through WehaveLupus forum. Through the forum we have exchanged mobile number and she texted me this morning. Tonight while doing some blogging I thought of adding her in my YM. Fortunately, she was online too! We were laughing and at the same time commented that its a small world. She is from Santiago, Isabela and her rheuma is my rheuma too! Imagine that! Well, my rheuma’s hometown is the same as hers and he go there once a month to be of service to his ‘kababayan’. We share some stories about him and I told her to stick with him because he is a good doctor. If he is not, then I won’t be here talking to her or writing this entry.

The other Filipina LUPIE is Emmyrose. I saw her blog and I love it. The title ‘Dancing with Butterfly’  just says it all for someone with LUPUS.  She had lupus for six years now. Her comments always tells me that I am not alone in my battle.

I am glad that I have met both of them. And can talk to them through the internet. These days I rarely go out to socialized but through technology, I do not have to go far to share my thought to someone who can understand.

Thanks, ladies!

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    mhay said

    November 14 2007 @ 3:35 pm

    Hi Milet! it’s good to know na you met friends online with the same situation as yours. God bless! :)


    milet said

    November 14 2007 @ 10:43 pm

    yeah, according to my doctor he is impressed on my networking skills on detecting fellow lupies. since i told him also about my dentist having a daughter with lupus.

    thanks mhay for the visit!


    Emmyrose said

    November 16 2007 @ 10:54 pm

    It was nice to know you too milet… It was also wonderful to meet a fellow pinay with Lupus, member din ako dyan sa WeHaveLupus Forum :)

    Nice chatting with you last night!


    rhea said

    April 8 2011 @ 6:20 pm

    Hi Milet,

    I’m so glad I came across your site. I’m a lupie too, for 4 years now, until last week, my rheuma updated the diagnosis from lupus to MCTD. :(

    I haven’t told anyone how scared I am, for 4 years now. Though my mom knows I’m sick, I don’t discuss with her the further details of our illness. I’m afraid she’ll worried about me.

    Reading your posts makes me feel I’m not alone.

    Thank you very much!



    mil3tt3 said

    April 9 2011 @ 8:38 pm

    hi rhea,

    thanks for the comment. i am so sorry to hear about your lupus and mctd. it’s scary i know but be strong. and i think it would greatly help if you tell your mom about your illness or find someone to talk to. i have been struggling with my lupus for nine years now and what have help me through the difficult situation is my husband and my family. their support has been my weapon to fight.

    god bless!

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