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Aside from those personal blogs and money making blogs, one of the type of blogs that I really enjoyed visiting are digiscrap blogs. For me a digiscrap blog not only shows their digiscrap but also give away freebies from templates to papers to embellishments and other.

I frequent these types of blog because I enjoy viewing all their layouts. And most of them give away nice freebies. One time when I was blog hopping I chance upon Fryke’s site. And there was an on going contest. I am not new to digiscrapping, in fact I have already done some digiscraps for Anevay 1st year but never have I found the guts to joined in a contest. Since I am not sure if my creation would stand out with all those digiscrappers out there.

Feast One Hundred & Seventy

It’s my first time to join the feast! So here goes …. 

What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?

Carousel. It brings back a lot of good memories.

How do you react in uncomfortable social situations?

I try to smile and hide my embarassment. ;)

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?

5. I love good conversation and discussion but not threading those philosophical topics.

Main Course
Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?

Rainy but happy Thursday

The moment I woke up I realized that it was raining and I said ‘Oh no!’. I am looking forward to this day because of Anevay’s Kindermusik class. I wanted to be early because last Thursday, we were thirty minutes late and the class is only for 45minutes. hahaha!

But even that short period, i already told myself that it was a right choice. Since my first option is the Sign n Sing class but unfortunately the class has a low enrollee so Teacher Jeannie ask me what other class I like. So, i told her Village na lang.

Dora and Swimwear

I am tired. Really tired. We woke up early today, around 6am. Which is a good thing because I plan to go to Good Shepherd in Concepcion for my blood extraction. I texted my brother who will accompany us. I needed him to watch over Anevay while I am inside being extracted.

After the procedure we headed home. Feed her and bathe her. Then we got the result and went to St. Lukes on a cab. Anevay did not want to go inside the clinic. When it was my turn she kept on getting my hand and guiding me outside. Fortunately, Dr. Ino was not irritated by her.

The chair

I should have post this earlier but I was busy. Anyway, this will do for now.

Credits : Template from Meridith and pape from SP’s RPENN Express Yourself Kit. Bg2.

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Home alone

Well, not exactly alone. I am with Anevay.

Its Day 2 of our saga of being just us – me and her. And I’m surviving. In fact, I’m a bit happier having the house to myself.

I was able to clean the two rooms yesterday, arrange the christmas tree (no decors for the christmas tree yet ;) ). Putting it up is such a huge task already. With Anevay pulling the branches. haha!

I was a bit tired last night. And my knees are wobbly. I decided to dozed off early since the lack of sleep is eating me up. Maybe that’s reason for the fatigue.

Still no GIFT

It nearing December but unfortunately I still haven’t bought any gifts for Christmas. Its a combination of having no time and being lazy. Well, I think we might be one of those rushing for Christmas.

Fortunately though I am unemployed now. If not I would be panicking as to what I am going to give all the people in the office. For the last three or four years, hubby and i made a tradition to give personalized gifts to those people in our division (from my manager to the couriers to the janitor).

Can i finish it ?

Anevay’s baby book for her first year. Until now it is unfinished. Dun pa lang ako sa binyag. Eh bininyagan sya 2 months pa lang sya eh. Just imagine how far behind I am.

Pero sabi ko sa sarili ko i needed to finish it. Malas lang ang laki ng laman ng paypal ko. Kaya ayun nde ko napigilan sarili ko na bumili ng digital kits. But of course, two of those i bought are for 2008 calendar. i plan to give calendar as a gift kasi eh. Personalized calendars. Since lahat ng pagbibigyan ko ay may picture sa kin so ung picture nila gagamitin ko!

Everytime I go for a check up on my rheuma’s clinic, I always end up chatting with his patient for the following reason : one, to entertain ourself as we wait for our turn, two, i’m curious if they also have lupus like me or what is the reason they are going for a check up and three what they think of my rheuma.

Over conversation, they always end up telling me that I do not look sick. Which I always answer with “I have a good rheuma but I have been through worst”.

Digiscrap creation #1

It’s not my first time to do digiscrapping. But its my first time to publish one here in my blog.

And I’m doing this in hope I can get the calendar bookmark template kit. I’m just so addicted in creating 2008 calendar which i can give away as gifts to family members.

So here it is.


Credits : Fryske’s Template and Ronna Penner’s express yourself bg5 from Shabbyprincess

The picture was taken Thursday, Nov 22. That’s Anevay favorite sleeping position. On top of me and with her pacifier.

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