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Another delayed post.

Oct 19

I wrote somewhere back that I was thinking about what Anevay would wear on the Costume Party in Tumble Tots.

Actually, the costume party is in celebration of the Book Week and an advance Halloween Party.

One day before the event, I went to Rob Metro East, to look for costumes. Actually, if I dont see anything that fancy me I already decided that Anevay will be wearing her Aurora gown which she worn during her birthday.

And as if fate is telling me not to spend, all costumes that I like were out of stock. That’s for her size.

Move UP!

Oct 13 (delayed post again!)

I mentioned in one of my post that I have requested Teacher Ice to move up Anevay to the walking to 2’s program since i think she is no longer fit for GYMBABES. Gymbabes actually is for babies six months until they can walk. Anevay at that time can walk already and even run and climb up.

I thought Teacher Ice won’t grant my request since she was hesistant to move Anevay. So I was surprised when after the class she announced that there are two GYMBABES who are moving up and that includes Anevay.

End of Ramadan

Again, a delayed post.

October 12 was declared a special non working holiday to gave way to the celebration of the End of Ramadan. Actually few days before that the company where hubby worked already gave them a free dinner.

Early Oct 12, I received a text from Michelle asking me if its okay that they will drop by our house. I texted her back to tell her that it is okay and they are welcome company since it was only me and Anevay in our house that day.

Nice carpets

One of the thing that hubby had purchased when we bought our house were two carpets. He was even the one who put it in our sala and our dining room. The carpets added some personality on our home. And in addition to this purchased we have bought a vacuum of course to clean up the carpet.

Now, I am thinking of buying additional carpets. Just for replacement when our eyes got tired of the old one. ;) . And while browsing the net I found some affordable and cute home theater carpet. By the way, the designs are cute. They have billiards carpet and stack deck carpet. They have nine unique designs which I can choose from. 


I wanted to blog about this for a long time now but somehow I cannot find some time or my internet connection is not cooperating.

Well, when I was young I’ve got reddish and curly hair. Actually the curl is only on the tips of my long hair. When I was about 7 years old and in the 2nd grade, Mommy had my hair cut short. Short just like the haircut of a boy.

Luis was born with a curly hair. Actually we call his hair AFRO because it was really like an AFRO hair. Then when my sister in law let Buma grow her hair, it was evident that she also has a curly hair.

Election time once again!

Its a holiday today because its the SK/Barangay Election. Its not as big as a presidential or senatorial election but i still think that the candidates for the SK and Barangay are spending way beyond there means.

And i still cannot justify as to why they are spending too much for such a small community. And man, may I just say that there are to many papers being put to waste. Why am I saying that ? Well, look at the pictures below. This was what I saw last Sunday. No, not this Sunday since its already prohibited but the other Sunday when we are going to church.

Wish granted!

I just blog a couple of minutes back what i wanted for Christmas, and while writing it I was chatting with hubby. So, before it again slip my mind I told him about it.

And you know what he answered me ? Wish granted. But he will be buying it on Kuwait since its much cheaper there and he will be buying me a BLACK and DECKER mixer. Yehey! Now, I can start baking cakes.

Which reminds me to update my other blog and put all the recipes that I used. Para just in case our plans will push through I can access all those online.

The Christmas tree hunt

Yesterday, we went to Robinson’s Metro East to buy our first ever Christmas tree. And since it would be our first Christmas tree.  The first two Christmas as a family we did not bother buying. First christmas was that I was pregnant then and we were only two in the house and we dont feel like decorating our then rented apartment.  Second, last Christmas, I dont feel like celebrating because it was our first Christmas with hubby in Kuwait.

So what’s the difference now ? One, its our first Christmas in our own house. Second, I wanted Anevay at her early age to know the feeling of Christmas. And third and of course the most important our family will be complete. Hubby is coming home! Yehey!

Rest time!

I should have been sleeping right now but I decided to take 30 mins before i nap to check on my email. But as I browse to my mail, the hubby sent me a YM message so the nap was cancelled. ;)

Fortunately, I did check my mail, because 2 more money making opps came my way or came my blog way ;) . Although the other one sent me into confusion. I will deal with that later in the evening. Since, my internet connection as usual is intermittent. I cannot even access GMAIL, i needed to access it so that I can send my application for the DSL to PLDT ;)


Okay, this is not in any way political. Although this entry coincides with Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada’s being granted PARDON and after 6 years and 6 months he is now a FREE MAN.

The news aired tonight contains everything about him, from the hush hush in the Sandigan Bayan where there was news that somehow their is a delay on the release of the pardon because of the debate regarding the forfiture of Estrada’s asset, to Ronnie Puno going to Tanay to serve the release papers and him crying after Erap signed the docs, to Erap’s speech in San Juan City hall. Yes, he is indeed a FREE MAN.