Nothing much blog about.

I am being hit by the lazy bug so at first I opted not to blog. I went on to look for something that would somehow cure my laziness.

And then I remember that I am planning to print the scraps I did for Anevay’s baby book. Which until now I havent finished yet. I just did those first one month plus the baptism. And then boom! I forgot about doing the other pics.

Until now.

Remember me blogging about my 1st neo laptop being sent to the repair center of NEO last August 28 ? Until now I havent got it. And I am really really dissapointed with their service. So, ok before I talk about the baby book I would tell you my experience with their repair services. Because I have seen that many of you are surfing about NEO LAPTOP. Maybe you are considering buying one. Yes, its cheap but there are other things to consider.

  • So I brought my laptop to the DIGITAL PLAYGROUND in Megamall, August 28. The initial diagnosis was that the LCD might be malfunctioning already. And they told me that their turn around time for such is 7 days to 2 weeks. 2 weeks if the part is not on hand. This setup I am familiar. They may be a different company but it was such a familiar line that I would want to laugh. I just kept my fingers crossed that when I will call them they will tell me that they dont have the part for my laptop because it is a constraint part (urgh! if you know what I mean).
  • First week I called their Shaw Branch. I gave the the SN of my laptop only to be told that it is for checking. Second week, I called again, gave them the details to be told again that it is for checking. (hmmm….I am already sensing not so good vibes here). Of course, that would not be me if I just let the second tale of for checking pass. So I already contested the claim of the rep. I end the conversation with the rep asking for my number (which I already wrote in their service form) because he will call me daw for updates (that call did not came), and I called up the next day. They told me that my unit has an intermittent problem (the oh to familiar reason for me). If they only know where I came from they might know that I wont buy such reasoning.
  • Third week, I called only to be told of the intermittent problem again and asked for the POP (proof of purchase.). You see my laptop warranty sticker is only until August. But I bought it last Dec 2006. And it carries one year warranty. That got me fired up because I furnished a copy of the receipt in their Megamall branch. So they told me that they will settle it with their megamall branch.
  • I called again both the Shaw and Megamall branch. One person promised me that the until will be ready by Monday of this week. And because I am busy I was able to call them last Thursday.
  • Fourth week, Thursday, I called their Shaw Branch, only to be asked for the POP again. Oh men! What a lousy service they have. I would have wanted to give them my second NEO. And now they even told me that they are going to replace my HDD because of the bad sector. Which is why I am printing the digiscraps I made for Anevay’s pics.

You see, I haven’t gotten any back up for those digiscraps thingy I had on NEO1. Fortunately for me I have uploaded them on my FLICKR account. And in the event of FLICKR shutting down or me not able to retrive those, I already downloaded them today and printed them out.

And this somehow refreshed me. Reading my journalling on the digiscrap pages, it transported me back to the time Anevay was just an newborn. One month until her baptism.

Which reminds me also to digiscrap the remaining photos which I took from 2months till now. Urgh! We are talking about thousands of picture and a trip down memory lane. this time I do hope I can finish this by December. As a christmas gift and additional decoration here at home.

Now, I needed to stop writing to plan for our menu for this week. Which is a huge task for me because I am trying to find variations on how to cook chicken, pork, fish, veggies that is suitable not only for us adults but also for the princess.

bye for now. happy weekends everyone.

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    jeff said

    October 1 2011 @ 11:10 pm

    Message to all . . . The NEO has stopped their driver uploads. So if you want to format your laptop. Sorry there’s no way you can find the complete drivers for it. Bye bye NEO sucks

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