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Nothing much blog about.

I am being hit by the lazy bug so at first I opted not to blog. I went on to look for something that would somehow cure my laziness.

And then I remember that I am planning to print the scraps I did for Anevay’s baby book. Which until now I havent finished yet. I just did those first one month plus the baptism. And then boom! I forgot about doing the other pics.

Until now.

Today we headed again to Cubao. I thought we will be late because the trial class is scheduled at 1:30pm, and Anevay was still sleeping at around 12 noon. I was like oh men! Both me and her Tita Dorothy were dressed already and were geared for the lakwatsa (he!he!). As if Anevay have sensed our silent plea she woke up and I feed her lunch. After that I dressed her since she already have taken a bath before she went to sleep.

What’s in a name?

Anevay’s name came from the internet. And her second name as well. Her name Anevay means superior and Jahzara is blessed princess. Anevay was chosen by her daddy while I chose her second name because she really is a blessing to us after all the storms that have come our way.

Hubby’s name is the english version of the name of his father.

Avilon Zoo Field Trip

My internet connection is giving me headaches. I am excited pa naman to post the pictures during the Avilon Zoo Field Trip.

We arrived at Tumble Tots at around 7:30 or 7:45. I am not really sure. Yet I am sure that we are second to the last to arrived. hehe.


But I really intended to arrived at that time. According to the letters kasi about the field trip, assembly time is 7:00 am and the bus will depart from the school 8am. So, if we arrived early, Anevay might be impatient and throw a tantrum.

Kindermusik Experience

Today, we headed to Cubao where one of the Kindermusik schools is located. I was able to schedule a free trial class with Teacher Jeannie and so we went.

Actually, originally I wanted to go for two trial classes for today. One is for Village and the other one Our Time. Village is for newborn to 18 months and Our Time is from 18 months to three years old. Since Anevay will be turning 18 months on January and the classes will be from November to February then I thought I would also try the class they are offering for 18 month old. Unfortulately, the trial class for Village was filled up already at the time I reserved a slot.

He’s the MAN!

Last night I reunited with my memories of one man who have caught my attention during my high school and early college days.

I got a huge crush on him that I followed him every opportunity I can and my days would be brighter if I got a glimpse of him. Actually, my brother and SIL knows that I adore him that as a birthday present (May 1996) they gave me a 8×10 picture of him with dedication.

I just admire this man for his leadership and all the accomplishments he has achieved and of course we cannot deny the fact that he is one good looking fellow.

Straight or Curly?

For the lack of things to write, I am goint to blog about this one. And since I am keeping myself busy while waiting for hubby to go online I would share this one with you.

Last Friday, I went to Makati for some important errands. As a side trip I visited my elder sister who is working at EPCIB (now BDO) Makati Ave.

The first thing that comes out of her mouth when she saw me was not the usual ’Kataba Mo’ (that’s the Kapampangan version of You’re Fat! hehehe!) but rather ’Megparebond ka ? ’ ( I wont translate it since its obvious. We are talking here of hair rebond).

Hectic Week


that’s how i will describe myself.

early morning we attended mass. as if anevay thought that the church ground is still a part of tumble tots. she was all over the place. running, walking, trying to climb the elevated places, going up and down the stairs of the blessed sacrament. it was really tiring.

after the mass, we headed home and she fell asleep. i surf the net and after a few minutes, i join her in bed. she woke. i fed her. she watched the tv, play, climb up and down the sofa, cry when she wants to, etc. etc.

She makes Mommy proud!

Today, during Anevay’s GYMBABES class at Tumble Tots, I received a comment from Teacher Ice that makes me proud. She noticed how independent Anevay is. Because during the class, Anevay will go around without asking for my help. Teacher Ice added that unlike other babies who does not even want to hold their bag, Anevay does not let me do all the works.

This really makes me happy and proud. I do hope we can carry on with this manner.


Once while surfing the web, i chance upon an announcement that Kindermusik is giving out free trial classes.

I was so dismayed because the time that they were giving free trial class was the time I was scouting for schools for Anevay. And somehow my disappointment rose a higher level when I saw their website which explains the concept of their classes. This is exactly what I wanted for the princess to attend.

So eventhough the demo classes are over I still emailed Kindermusik. And I also did find out that Kindermusik was being offered in Tumbletots.