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HELP! gOING uP, UP and UP!

Yes, i need help. Because my weight seems to go up, up and up as days goes by.

I can’t control it. Or better yet, I do noT have the will power to control it. I love to eat chocolate and we have our coke supply being delivered straight into our doorstep.

Hmmm…..hubby told me it is ok.. Because the fats make Anevay comfortable with my body. hehehe.

But I wanted to loss weight. I am just thinking of some ways. But not the same way when I loss a lot because of LUPUS.


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At 13 months

It really amazed me now that I am seeing and taking care of Anevay. For me, I cannot quite believed that my LUPUS days are gone. The once weak body has been tranformed into a body ready to wrestle and carry a 10.2 kilo baby. Bathe her while she is struggling to keep me from washing her hair, feed her while she wants to feed herself.

My days are constantly bombarded with lots and lots of interaction with Anevay. Which I am really really enjoying especially now that she can interact and communicate with me.

At 13 months :

The ZTE deal

This has been in the news for quite sometime now.

The broadband contract which was awarded to ZTE by the Philippine government with any bidding.

But this entry is not about the much talked about contract but rather my experience with one of ZTE product. Which when I heard the initials brings back the irritations and frustration I have with it.

An update on the case

It is obvious that I am following the Geraldine Palma case in the news. Every night I watched TV Patrol or browse through their site to look for updates. It just pains me to think that a little girl like her was brutally killed.

Tonight, I am not sure if its good news to her family. A “star witness” had come forward and was interviewed by ABS CBN. She gave a detailed statement about the crime and the criminals.

I was off the internet last night. This time its a different story. Connection was not the reason but rather my NEO LAPTOP just seem to decide not to display anything on the screen.

Actually, it was the third time that this happens. Yet the first two I was able to fixed. Or so I thought.

So last night, it decided to give up on me. haha!

This morning I was caught in a dilemna. Either I go to EHUB in LIBIS with Anevay and sister in law in tow or wait for mother in law to arrived. Which at the moment I was do not know when.

Just one of those MOMMY days

Anevay and I woke up early. 5:30 to be exact. Actually, i sense that both of us wanted some more sleep but we are preoccupied by something we need to do that’s why we were forced to wake up.

Me..i needed to check if the garbage truck have already passed by. And then I realized that the collection of the biodegradable waste is tomorrow. You see, Marikina is very strict when it comes to waste management. And unfortunately, on our area the collection of waste is really early. Around 5:30 to 6:oo and we are not allowed to put out the garbage until the garbage truck is in front of our house. Urgh!

Raped Pinay in Jeddah RESCUED!

When I heard this news, I was relieved. I thought finally the long search is over. The OFW being raped in the cellphone has been found.

But I was wrong. The Pinay that the report was pertaining to is not the OFW who the government was searching for because they have seen her video of being raped in a cellphone via another Pinay who was able to escaped from her employer.

Instead, it was Rosa. Good for her that she was rescued. I just pray that the government would successfully trace where the OFW in the cellphone is and all other Pinays who suffered the same fate in the Middle East and rescue them.

Update on the GERALDINE PALMA case

It seems that the nanny of geraldine palma is still missing as I wrote this entry. Geraldine was already buried but the family is shouting for justice.

Although, there have been a break through in the investigation. It seems that the first motive of those who killed Geraldine is just to look around for cellphone to snatch. But unfortunately, they werent lucky so they resorted to this brutal crime. Not sure if its true that she was also raped.

Now, the family of the nanny is also looking for the nanny. According to family, they have been receiving calls saying that she is already dead.

House for SALE

I just got a call from our agent. She has a property for sale here in SSS Village, Marikina. A few blocks away from St. Paul of the Cross Parish.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom and the lot is 228 sq. meters.

Once you paid the downpayment, I am not sure how much. Maybe around 900k, if you can avail the 2M Pagibig Loan. Because if you will be granted the 2m loan, only about 1.9M will be released because there are deductions for insurance etc.

If you are interested, please drop me a comment with your contact details.

Just one of those nights

The princess is already sleeping. I on the other hand has just finished talking to hubby through YM.

I am not sure if my friend LUPUS is trying to visit me again. But there are subtle signs that he might just be around the corner. Waiting for my immune system to go low and it will strike.

I have seeing hair in my pillow, in our bathroom and even the living room. Hair fall days are here again. Making me think if I should cut my hair short again. Also, depression is hitting on me this past few days. Not sure if its because of LUPUS or its the OFW wife syndrome. Whatever it is, I am trying to fight it but sometimes I succumb to tears just like right now.