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Still here

I am still here. Managing a quick post because the hubby and the baby are sleeping soundly.

My phone was repaired the same day, the lcd and some other parts were replaced. Fortunately, all were covered by the warranty.

I have finished my appointments with my dentist. Oh, there are still 2 more to come. the root canal of my front teeth and extraction. Which I still need to consult to Dr. Ino because I am drinking coumadin. I will post a different entry about this one when time permits.

Another casualty

I am not sure if my cellphone, yeah, my NOKIA 5300 which hubby bought for me last May is another casualty of anevay.

The keypad is malfunctioning. I think i need to go tomorrow to Nokia care in alimall. I just went there a couple of weeks for the NOKIA 6020 of my mother in law which was damaged because Anevay always puts the cellphone in her mouth. Now, I am going there again. Whaaah!

I do love this cellphone. And it such a waste if it cannot be fixed. Just got a call from hubby. He was asking why my phone is damaged because I tried texting him eventhough i have no A, space etc.

Anevay can…

Anevay will be turning one in a couple of days now and she has been a handful every since she learned the trick of emotional blackmail (haha!).

But I am very thankful for waking up early morning to tend to her and play with her. She really is a blessing to all of us. She have added sunshine to our life.

How can I describe my daughter now that she is growing so fast ?

Anevay is sweet. Anevay is smart. Anevay is everything I have wished for ( i do hope i still can say this when she grows old).

Peso vs Dollar

This has been a news of the past. Not sure when I heard it but I was not able to blog it because I was busy and my connection again is not cooperating (what else is new).

The Philippine economy have been stable for some time now and one of the major indicator is that the peso is getting stronger everyday. That is good news to the economy but it also has its down side especially for OFW folks.

You might accused me of being an hypocrite but somehow I am not sad that the peso is growing despite the fact that hubby is an OFW, and it has somehow affected his remittances.

Investments, goals, etc.

I have yet to put up the other blog that is in my mind right now. A blog that would share all the things that I have learn from books, seminars and training regarding managing your finances and how to go on investing your money.

But right now I really do not have any time yet. And my broadband is not cooperating. Whhhaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

And next week I might be off the internet. Husband is coming home and we will doing another rounds of preparation for the property we are eyeing.

Hopefully this time we can nail it.

TryingEST time of being a MOM

Today was such a hard time for me. Not sure why? Maybe I woke up at the wrong side of the bed and Anevay too.

Anevay woke up at around 5:30 and was crying. I thought she was hungry, i got her milk but she does not want to be fed. She wanted to go outside. While I on the other hand want to sleep some more. One of the challenge that I am facing right now is that Anevay wakes up early and I go to bed late because I still have to talk to my husband through YM. Kuwait is 5 hours behind Philippine time. Imagine just how many hours I am able to sleep because of that.


The princess is turning one, and I am actually in the middle of my preparation. It would be a simple celebration since I am really not a “party planner” and do not like the hush hush of planning, I just booked a resto for the celebration with a  ”ROYAL THEME”. Since its a royal theme, i bought the princess two gowns. One gown is actually the gown of Snow White. And she loves it. The other one, she ignore (hehe). And then I also bought Buma and Aish princess gown. Buma gets the yellow gown of Belle and Aish get the blue gown of cinderella. Talking about complete entourage. If I could encourage to wear Luis the prince charming attire I would buy him one. But knowing Luis, that would be impossible!

How could he ?

This past few weeks, my inlaws and I keep on probing as to who killed the 3 year old girl in the news. The first news about her was that she was with her mother and father on a mall. After that she went with her father on another section and afterwards the girl went missing. After a few days she was found dead on a man made ditch early this week.

I cannot define what I felt because of this news. Being a mother, one cannot even describe the grief of one who losses her child. The report was not clear until yesterday.


My monthly visitor did not arrive this June. But last May it visited me so I guess I am not PREGNANT.

Remember, hubby went home this May. Though I am sure I am not pregnant I still waited for my monthly visitor for confirmation. Then before I drink coumandin, i did perform a pregnancy test and the result is negative.

Now, I did not get my period this June. My question is WHY? Although I love to get pregnant, but not when I am drinking COUMADIN.

Globe speak n surf

Urgh! I thought my problem with my internet connection has been resolved when I switched to Globe.

I availed of Globe’s wireless phone and broadband. At first, it looks promising. It would reduce my expenses in terms of internet usage. For my previous connection I am using dial up and my cost would average around 3k. Now, with Globe my monthly would only be 995.

But as days goes by,  I can only sit and watch as my connection crawls. Globe promised about 200+ mbps but mine reaches only about 60kbps. Sometimes, when I am lucky it can reach 100mbps but never higher. I always try the Mcaffee speedometer to test my speed.