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No, it was not ENOUGH

I did received what I am asking for but I am definitely not convinced. Not sure if its me, but I believed it lacks the emotion or the conviction. And the ability to let me decide to stay the same.

Its not the same anymore. And yes, I have given up the fight. I will go on with the flow but not the flow towards the same path i throde before.

For now, I choice to keep mum. Keep silence. I rather not talk. Because no matter how much I talk if the listener is not open to what I am talking, what is the sense of getting those words out of my mouth ?

Fatigue is setting IN

Not sure why..but my body has been surrendering to the fatigue and stress that has been coming my way.

For the past few days, it seems i am always sleepy and drowsy. Maybe because of the NEOZEP i am taking.

Speaking of NEOZEP. It still is not taking effect on me. I still have cough and cold and its DAY 2. If tomorrow I still have cough and cold, on Monday I will be asking for a chest XRAY. To determine if this is already pneumonia. Or worst the fluid in the lungs have return.

Never had I imagine

I never had imagine seeing myself in those posters/tarpaulin of companies that give honor to top employees that give them highest sales on a monthly basis.

But indeed I landed in one. This MAY. Just when I thought I have ended my corporate career, this new adventure that I have been journeying have been full of surprises. Good things have been coming my way even if I am not doing much on my part.

Weight gain

Because her pedia told me that Anevay should reach the 10kg mark on her 1st birthday, now I actively monitor her food intake.

There was a month that Anevay have totally stopped taking solid food. She rejected even the CERELAC we are giving her. So she was only consuming her milk.

Also Anevay is such an active baby that we somehow think that one of the major factor that she dropped .2 kilos in her last check up.

So now, I am trying to feed her solid food. And fortunately she now accepts anything we offer her. Potato, egg yolk, cerelac etc.

Is this a flare up ?

Its been almost a week of me not feeling well. I am trying to disregard it and somehow I was able to do my task even if I have persistent cought and cold.

I am not sure if this is a flare up. Today I went to St. Lukes for my check up. I should have gone two weeks ago but I was not able to. Actually, that check up would focus on my pulmonary embolism and the next scheduled check up which is today is on my lupus.


Hmmm…i know you are itching to read this post as you have been intrigued by the title. Yap, you guess is right, I have a new job.

But now, its not your ordinary eight to five job. And if you know me it would be the last thing in your mind that I would end up with.

So here’s the story of how I end up being an INSURANCE AGENT of PHILAM (yeah, yeah, yeah! but hey I am a LICENSED INSURANCE AGENT i did pass the AGENCY TESTING SERVICE LIFE EXAMINATION as I previously blog here. Got 100% in my exam.)

I just dont know

I do not know what to call it. Nor how to go about it.

One thing I am sure of. Something has been broken. The question is, can it be restored ? Can a broken plate be put together ? Maybe, but it would never be the same. You can use a glue or something to paste it but still the marks are there. Same with a bruise or a cut. It will left some mark.

A mark that would be there forever. A scar that would not be erased.

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That KNORR commercial

Anevay loves THE LIONS SLEEP TONIGHT, no doubt about it. She dances when she hears the song and loves to watch the video.

But she has a new favorite. The commercial of KNORR, Makulay ang buhay (life is colorful). This tv ad is about the new product of KNORR, a seasoning to vegetables. It features child actors and actresses to capture of course the attention of children and also their parents. Because this ad encourages kids to eat vegetables.


Yesterday, I am not sure how many times my brother played this from YOUTUBE because Anevay shouts whenever we stop the video. Today, I played it more that ten times.

Due to the heat ?!?

Last month, May, all our utility bills including phone bills when up.

Our water went up by a hundred, my phone bills because of net surfing amounts to 3k (ok last April is much higher with 3900) and last but not the least our Meralco bill goes up to 6800.

Yes, indeed. Is it because of the heat ? I hope so. Fortunately, rainy season is just around the corner. And I do hope the weather gets cooler. Now, our nights are spent with two electric fan coming into life with our aircon being used during the day. I do hope this help save on some expenses.

Feed stats

My feed stats are improving. Not sure what is the cause ? Oh well, maybe I know. but it is not obvious for me to come up with a conclusion.

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