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This coming May would be the senatorial and local election here in the Philippines. The economy is little by little booming because the pesos is going up(sad to say..hehehe).

But unfortunately, it still the same. No improvements. You have to work your a*s off just to feed your family. And when your salary is high, half of it will just go to taxes, which right now we do not know or no evident sign where it is being used for the benefit of the majority. Many of us have the impression that our taxes are only put in the pockets of some especially now that this was seconded by a survey that Philippines is the most corrupt country in Asia.

Its been a long time

It’s been a long time since I have posted. Been busy with a lot of things. But I am always on the net, chatting with hubby and few other resigned coworkers.

There are a lot of things to blog about. Yet, I am too lazy to write. Right now, I am waiting for hubby to go online. Although I am not sure if he was able to fix his TP, abbreviation for Thinkpad, IBM’s laptop…some habits are really hard to break, I should have said laptop but I did not. And while waiting for we him I am talking via YM with my college bestfriend. You see havent seen each other since Anevay’s christening. And I would like to check on her because like me she is also suffering from a certain disease.

Blogging OFFLINE

I am of the net yesterday. Because Mango again is giving me headaches. No signal for me.

Fortunately, now its back and Gilbert ( i forgot his surname) from Digitel HO is helping me out when I have problems.

I hope when we transfered, I wont be having problems.

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We both wanted to own a house. But due to some financial hindrances that came our way the past few years, that dream was relegated to the least of our priority. Right now, that our finances are doing well, translation DEBT FREE, Mahal still won’t want to buy a house. Because he wants to buy a house on a cash basis. Not through loans or bank financing. Which right now, I totally agree due to the fact that almost (I am not saying all) low cost housing being offered today uses substandard materials to build the house

Can’t sleep

Can’t sleep.
Not sure why. Maybe because I am excited on moving on to the new house we have rented. Yeah, that’s the culprit. Or I am not used to sleeping before 1AM.
Since there is a 5 hours difference between Kuwait and Philippines, it will only be 10pm Philippine time that I could talk to Mahal. And of course an hour chat is  not enough. I always end up sleeping at around 1AM.  Fortunately, now that I am SAHM, we can chat early every Thursdays and Fridays because that’s the time he is off.
But of course, right now I am thinking of things to come with the new home we are renting. Today, I already paid the financial requirement to move in. 2 months advance and 1 month deposit. That’s a whooping 25.5K. Its so sad to let that kind of money slip out of my hand but I am also happy because the house is really huge. I hope I could get some pictures before we move in.  And since, that house is for sale we now have an option to buy that house. But we still need to save some more. Because that house is 15K/sq meter.
Hmm. Whatever is God’s plan. He knows better. And we trust him.

Wall of daddy

When my brother went to work overseas, Buma was only one year old. When he went home and ended his stint in the Middle East she was already turning three and her Papa  is a stranger to her. On the day my brother arrived, Buma does not want to get close to him. It took them almost one week to know each other. This is inspite of the fact that my brother calls and Buma talks to him.

This is one of my fear now that Joseph is far from us. Although, Anevay is only turning one this July, and we plan to go to Kuwait this year, we wanted Anevay to recognized Joseph.


Before anything else, Happy Easter everybody!

Now, I would like to share with you the pictures that I have taken of Anevay today.

She really now enjoys her ‘big playpen’. And now Anevay have used the post as her guide in walking and standing.

Now, she is taking one step forward.

Oh man! How fast time flies. Look at her pictures!

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All the time, Mahal and I chat we used YM. We use it voice calling features to lessen our phone bills.

Mahal have been spending a fortune for his phone bills and it also would cost him when I call. Somehow, YM helps. But unfortunately, the line sometimes is not clear.

Yesterday, thanks to his housemate, we used skype.

Unlike YM, Skype houses all videos in one window. I find it cute so I copied it.

Lookie here!

 Oh. How much I miss this man.

A day at the mall

April 1 — april fools day and what better way to spend it is by spending it at the mall with Anevay in tow. There was no electricity in our area at noon time and it was summer here so it was really hot.

So we decided to go to the mall instead.

And Anevay had so much fun. It was her first time to ride those cars in Timezone and the moment she sat on the car, her hands automatically went to the steering wheel. Talk about fondness to cars (runs in the genes).

And here are some pics.

I am one proud Tita!

Right now, I am still thinking of my post title would be.

Anyway, last March 31, was the recognition day of my dearest nephew, LUIS. His real name is Romulo Luis. He is our first baby in the family. And in every accomplishments that he achieved I am there every step of the way.

And I know I am just his aunt but I cannot help but cry when I am watching him dance and sing.

Oh men! I am one proud TITA because I have seen him grow.

I am proud of you Romulo LUIS!