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I am quite dissapointed with the reactions I’ve got when somebody learn that I am resigning from work.

Most of them would tell me that it was a waste, some would smile and say its because we are getting rich and the worse part is telling me that i would somehow get bored on being a mother and would somehow return to work.

So let me reason will all this reactions.

Thank You, MANGO!

And I mean that in a sarcastic way.

I remember one time, I blog about us having a wireless landline phone. I use it for the internet, for my digital scrap downloads and talking to my husband as well. There are times that the you cannot connect to the internet and their helpdesk is no help. Most of the time, I really am irritated calling them.

But that irritation have reached its maximum level this previous week. Last March 18, my husband through SMS asked me to go online. That was 9 am PH time and 4 am Kuwait time. So, I started setting up the connection but unfortunately the USB cable cannot fit in the USB slot. I was terribly dissapointed but cannot do anything.

Stressed OUT!

Before I was a mother, I am a wife. As a wife I did not feel that much pressure. Because I do have an understanding husband.

 Now, that I am a mother I feel the pressure. The pressure of being a wife to a husband working abroad and a demanding baby who always wanted my attention.

Not that I am complaining.

As I expected my life did a 360 degrees spin. And somehow, I thank the Lord that at this point in time my LUPUS is in remission.

I just hope and pray that this will continue…and that LUPUS will just be history.

Driving 101 : My 1st casualties

I am confident that I can drive so today i told my inlaws that I will be the one to drive the mazda to the market.

And unfortunately, at the moment i start the car, all the lessons I learn in driving have been washed away. And the worst case was that I hit a wall that the bumper fell.

I was so embarassed. But fortunately, my father in law is so supportive that he kept on telling me that those bumps are part of driving. Part of being professional driver and he also added that hubby’s damages earlier were much worst.

Driving 101

Everysince hubby and I fot married I was sheltered. And a part of that sheltered thing is that he drives me to the office and then fetch me after work.

Now that he is working outside the country I was back to commuting and somehow it really is hard.

So now that I have time and the car is working again, I enrolled myself in driving lessons. Its 10 hours, 2 hours everyday.

Good buy

One of the problem I have encountered when I had LUPUS is that my feet became choosy on the footwear I am wearing.

I cannot wear high heeled shoes like before. And then I quickly got foot aches if i wear the wrong shoes. There was a time when all i can wear is slippers. Then I got better, I can wear rubber shoes. Even when I report for work.

And then I was able to find a good and soft shoes. But those have been ruined by time and countless walks. Now, that I am in remission I can afford to wear some shoes.

So okay, I forgot to blog about it but Anevay is already crawling.

But right now, that was surpass by another milestones. She can now sits on her own and can stand up using the sticks on her make up playpen. And sometimes she just uses only one hand while she stands.

My oh my! Our baby is growing fast.

Here she is tiptoeing to watch TV.

Only one hand to stand.


Thank you Lord for this blessing. True, big things comes in small packages. 

Popularity: 1% [?]

Since Anevay is growing and my in laws do not want her to carried always and to avoid situation wherein Anevay would fall off the bed we decided to create a make shift playpen.

In order to do this I ordered a 60×75 mattress from URATEX and then i bought 4 packs of rubber mat for the walls just to make sure that if ever she bump into it it wouldn’t hurt because there is rubber to protect her. And then his grandfather (Lolo) created the something to prevent her from going out. It was like a big crib. And it was nice because we can sleep along with her and play with her without the fear that she might get bump.

Anevay playing outside

My internet connection at home is slow. It has been taking ages to upload videos of Anevay.

Popularity: 1% [?]

Of course to top the blessings I have in life is my husband who continues to be faithful even if we are miles apart and Anevay who continues to grow healthy and normal.

MARCH have seen me accomplished things that I did not expect i can do.

- We are 90% debt free. Yehey! This is because of my husband’s sacrifice. We have paid off those old and new debts so its now start to save. Actually we already have savings for anevay.

- Appearance in Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for mine and Anevay’s passport.