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Brings back memories

As I have said in my previous post I am searching for bloggers who are lupie just like me, I stumbled upon justordinary’s blog. Although she is still waiting for her right diagnosis, which I hope would come sooner.

When I visited her blog I’ve look on her link to see some title which would somehow raise my curiosity and lead me to read his/her blog. Although if I have time I surely love to blog hop.

Anevay’s 7th

Yeah. My little girl is now 7 months and little is not a world that you can describe her.

She is growing so fast that I am somehow sad because her Daddy is not with us to watch her grow.

Joseph has always wanted a baby and now that we have her fate have thrown him to a far away place to work. I just wish that our plan to be together will materialized. I am still on the process of getting our passport.

LUPIE like ME!

I have been searching around the net of people like me who have LUPUS. And I never thought that there are a lot of them who have blogs  also.

Although not all have LUPUS. Some of them are yet to be diagnosed with LUPUS and some have the same symptoms as LUPUS.

Now, in my effort to help in my small way those who are somehow on their lowest point because of their illness I started leaving comments on their blog although at first I am a bit shy. So I shed that shyness away and hopefully they would give me the chance to know them.

I am trying to think if I am going out for a massage or not.

We just came home from Anevay’s check up inUST. And Anevay is now heavy and I   can now feel it. The last time I talked with hubby I told him that i feel something on my wrist and I suspect it to be CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME. 

But when I went home and carried Anevay, I felt it. Now I am thinking if its CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME or its because ANEVAY is getting HEAVIER. hmm.

I resigned

I know right now I am consumed of my anger because of the unannounced award but do not get me wrong it was not the only factor that have made me tender my resignation last Feb 15.

Which until now RNB is not yet accepting.

All my life, I idolized my Mommy. Who celebrated her bday last Feb 16. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. A hands on mom. When I married Joseph I know that was far fetched because we really need my salary to make our family stable.

Vday 2007!

Feb 14 saw me going to St. Lukes again with Anevay and Maricel.

After the check up plano ko pumunta sa office because I have a telecon.

Although pangit result ko sa urinalysis, the ANTI CARDIOLIPIN ANTIBODIES yields a negative result. Which means I do not have a pulmonary embolism anymore. Yeba! I believe I was cured by Anevay and Fr. Joey Faller.

Along the way sa St. Lukes, Marissa and Michelle kept on texting me. They wanted me to come to the office, i told them I will try.

Once in the office, I found this laying in my desk.

Office girl

You know that I am a working mom.

And even if I am a working mom I cannot let anybody baby sit my baby while I am at the office. The one I trusted to take of her when I am away is nanay.

And so, I was caught in the middle of deciding if I will go on leave or bring Anevay to the office.

Kasi BIG BLUE SPO GL team have a TEAM BUILDING last FEB 12 and I was appointed by JOC to sign in his behalf. So nakakahiya naman to go on leave.

For this blog

Popularity: 1% [?]

Bakit ngayon pa ?

Hmmm…nakakapanibago. Tagalog ang title ng entry ko. Wala lang because that is what I feel right now.

Bakit ngayon pa ?

Bakit ngayon pa na decided ako to resign, eh ngayon pa lumalabas yang mga komentaryo na nakakataba ng puso. Or usapang mag iisip ka na ay mahalaga din pala ako sa kanila.

Nag uumpisa na naman akong magsalita ng english. Binura ko. Gusto ko na pure tagalong ang entry ko…oppsss…ayun may nakalusot.

Well, simula’t sapul bago ako gumradweyt ewan ko ba gusto ko nang maging parte ng BIG BLUE. nde ko lam kung bakit. Ni nde ko nga alam kung what goes inside their offices. I did not even have an idea where their office is.