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Bitter sweet night

So it was luck that my in laws opted to go home here in Marikina instead of going home in Cavite after they been in Cristobal last night.

Why ?

Because at some point last night mga 11 siguro Anevay started crying non stop. As in. Nakakataranta.

And the I saw na mejo swollen ung thigh na may injection nya. My god! When I’ve seen that nde ko na alam gagawin ko pero syempre clear pa rin ang mind ko na dapat naming ihot compress. Hay.

Iyak pa rin sya ng iyak. Pero pahina ng pahina until she was able to sleep.

Anevay’s choices

At five months, Anevay have shown signs of fear and her choices.

Kasi Ate gave her the scooby doo slippers. At the sight of it, umiyak ang baby ko. Akala ko nagkataon lang so I did not pay much attention to it. Pero when Julius showed the slippers again to her umiyak sya. We then concluded na takot nga sya dito after so many tries to giver her scooby doo. Kaya ayun tinago ko na lang si scobby.

6th check up

Today was Anevay’s 6th check up.

We went to UST, this time kami lang ni Meanne. And fortunately nde naman ako nahirapan.

Anevay is such a sweet girl. And observant also. Sa taxi papunta at pauwi she never slept. Tingin ng tingin sa labas. And gusto nya nakastand sya. Ayaw nya ng nakaupo.

Everybody is smitten by her kasi nga mahilig pang magsmile. But of course, ung white complexion nya ang tawag pansin talaga plus her eyes. Sabi ko ni pedia nya snow white sya. Kakatuwa.

When she was injected with pentaxim, konting iyak lang then okay na sya.

Anevay’s 6th month

As part of celebrating Anevay’s 6th month, i bought her another cake from Red Ribbon. And I was left with no choice but to buy a SANS RIVAL cake.

Remembering that when I was pregnant I did not like that cake pero cge na nga.

I bought it na lang and prayed that this time ok na sya sa panlasa ko.

Ok na nga sya and even kay Anevay.

This was the cake.

When we are eating aba ang aming baby gusto kumain, so we let her taste her cake. And jaran here she is eating her cake…

Burn out

If you would look into my attendance you would see that there is no week this January that I have no leave. Minsan start pa lang ng week or last day of the work week.

Ang mga leave na ito different ang mga reason. Sometimes I am sick or sometimes naman walang bantay si Anevay.

But you can also see that the time i came in at the office 9:30 na. Sagad na sa flexi time ko. Bakit. Because katabi ko si Anevay sa gabi and sometimes my baby wake up at some unholy hours that leave me puyat. Kaya mga six when Nanay will get her I will get one or two hours of sleep. Na magigising ako by 8 na siguro kaya ayun.


Nowadays, you would see me sporting 3/4 blouses. Na Vneck or round neck.

I got the same style but different colours. May pink, white and green. Then I have also long sleeves.

All this I bought from the U2 store in Rob Metro East. Because they are on 50% off. Kaya ako bumili.

The quality of U2 clothes are really good. Masarap sa katawan. At first I only bought 2 kaso natuwa ako because it shows na maganda ang mga damit. Even my mother in law commented na halatang maganda ung damit.


I admit I am a SPA addict.

Although they are a bit pricey, it think their services and the relaxation they offer is worth it.

Since I transferred here in manila, that’s why back my 1st year college days I only got my hair cut at David’s Salon. I love their service and I regret when I tried another popular saloon to got my hair cut.

Then, hubby and I discovered Red Bamboo Spa. Way back 2005. Since then I go there when I need to go for a whole body massage. They have a steam sauna which you can use before the massage. Which I really like.

Year End assessment

Last year I got a rate of 2+, second highest grade in our PBC.

Along with this grade I got an award at the KICK OFF. A certificate and Rustan’s GC worth Php 3k.

I was expecting more because my BIG BLUE manager told me that there was a monetary reward. Much to my dissapointment wala akong natanggap.

I keep my mouth closed.

Last May, I received yet another award. This time an Asia Pacifici Award for doing well in one of my AP Jobs. Unfortunately, this only gave me another certificate and a leather folder with a logo of the company. Again, I was expecting a monetary reward but none came.


It started with one CD.

I was scouting through CDs kasi I wanted to buy Anevay a collection of nursery rhymes.

I did found one.

Pero I found some more.

Right now, this are the CDs that I have and the reasons I bought them.

Along with the nursery rhyme, I found a LEA SALONGA cd. No, not the album lea did when she was famous. The album I bought is the one which she did when she was a kid. Her very first album and it contains songs like I’D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORD TO SING, RAINBOW CONNECTION, HAPPINESS, AS UGOY NG DUYAN, I AM BUT A SMALL VOICE…ETC. Songs which I would like Anevay to learn.

Anevay at 5

This post is long overdue.

Anevay is turning 6 months on the 23rd. According to Nanay, 6th months will show a lot of changes in Anevay’s life.

Pero ngayon pa lang andami ng changes. Nakakatuwa because parang kailan lang na takot na takot akong buhatin si anevay. Takot na takot akong maiwan mag-isa to take care of her. Grabe. Ngayon may kausap na ko and kalaro. Sayang nga lang Mahal is not here to witness lahat ng 1st sa buhay ni Anevay.

At five…

…Anevay can now utter words. Speak non stop pag naasar