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My NEO Q Notebook

After two months, Mahal have seen Anevay not by pictures but by the webcam.

This is the reason why I am thanking technology and Yahoo! to be specific.

Because through YM, Mahal and I can talk non stop and the cost is cheaper as compared to calls through the cellphone.

Thanks to the NEO Q notebook I bought I can surf the net plus talk to Mahal regularly.

I bought my neo q for Php 34,900. Because I have upgraded to 1gig of memory.

This was also the title of my entry in my friendster blog.

Because true! I wanted to thank god for giving me the year 2006.

Because 2006 have given me….

….. a stronger relationship with husband as we thread the path to delivering our first born

…. a good ob gyne. It was in this year that I decided to change doctor and the switch was worth it. Dr. Decena have been good to both Joseph and me.

…. two awards. one is an ASIA PACIFIC AWARD. and also commendation plus a new ASIA PACIFIC COORDINATOR job.

Who am I, NOW?

I am a neophyte mother. A mother to a very lovable 5 month daughter. I am still learning the ropes of motherhood and I am quite glad that I have a mother in law who loves to teach and guide me. I am open to guidance but somehow gets pissed off by assuming people.

Do not judge me by your experiences or what you have seen on mothers around you. Each people has a unique characteristic. If you have seen mothers who sometimes get tired of being a mother DO NOT ASSUME that I WILL BE LIKE THAT ALSO. I might be like that in the future or not. Who knows. But please do not assume. Because you are not me and I am not her.

Christmas 2006

Talaga every christmas iba ang kwento.

This year is a lot different. Syempre may Anevay na ko. And of course malayo kay Mahal.

Morning of Christmas as usual bangenge ako. Not for anything but dahil kausap ko si Mahal until 1 am.

Eto si Anevay during Christmas. The  jumper she is wearing is a St. Patrick which Ninang Pat gave during her binyag. Pinasuot ko na kasi baka nde na nya masuot kasi maliit na sa kanya.

As usual wide eye sya kaya mana sa ama.

Eve of Christmas

Home right now and just like last year la kami handa…he..he..nothing has change.

I am home right now but it is different with last year because Mahal is far from me and I am with nanay and of course our little angel Anevay.

Kaso nga lang she is throwing a tantrum now, nagsasalita ng pagkahaba haba and ayaw matulog.

As Christmas comes I wanted to thank Jesus, Mama Mary and St. Joseph. They have been a part of our fruitful journey to being a family.

Lord, next year sana completo kami come Christmas.

Thank you.

Ang Pilipinas (an original)

Ok. I do not know how people will react on this entry. But let me say that i am posting this poem because I am amazed by how a nine year old boy feel about his country and of course this is written by LUIS kaya I am proud to post it.

He wrote this as a project for their Linggo ng Wika and he wrote it by himself. Nobody thought him nor coach him kaya this is an original view of a kid about his country.

Ang Pilipinas

Ang Pilipinas ay may tatlong pulo

Blogging from home

Am at home right now waiting for Mahal to go online. Already set up the computer with the camera. Actually already situated it kanina in front of the duyan but unfortunately hubby was not yet online.

So i decided to blog na lang.

We went to UST kanina for Anevay’s check up. And Dr. D Chan was not around just the reliever. Buti na lang walang shoots si bebe.

Hay nakakaasar lang ang mga taxi driver dito. We really have a hard time to get one. Kaya we decided to commute  and ride the LRT. Was such an experience pero tiring nga lang.

Calendar 2007

I’ve been wanting a personalized calendar which contains of pictures of Anevay, which I can give as gift to my Tito’s and Tita’s and to hubby as well.

But unfortunately, this personalized calendars are too pricey.

Thanks to my bloghopping it directed me to this link :


And help me create this calendar.


And this just blow me away.

I am going to Kodak later to have this printed. Fingers crossed..hopefully the result will be what I expected.

Kasi the last time palpak ung photo mosaic ko eh.

First steps

This post is long overdue because of the below problem i have encountered.  

When Anevay have reached three months, she started showing signs that she wanted to eat solid food using spoon and fork. She also sits already and stand up.

So, we started training her.

When she wanted to do her thing we put her in a sitting position just like this one.

In this picture, her lola is carrying her. Since they were the one na mapilit to potty train Anevay early sila ung nag initiate to put Anevay in sitting position pag uu na si bebe.

It’s back

My gulay.

My WYSISWYG button was missing for sometime now. And I already asked for support from wordpress. All they got to say was to check the editor button in the USER>PROFILE. It did not worked.

Kaya nde ako mapakali. So i browsed on the FAQ. And dahil nung last time tamad ako this time tinyaga ko.

My gulay. All i need pala is to clear my cache.

Siomai! Hmp!

At least its back.

Hay salamat.  

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