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Anevay’s 5th check up

We were early. Mejo na late nga lang ako ng gising because Anevay have woke up around dawn. and as usual when she that it was me na nagbabantay sa kanya she smiled and ayun naglaro na kami. Nanay get her from he mga 5:30 na. Balak ko to take a nap but I woke up at 7:30. Hala. Dapat nasa ust kami ng 8 because check up din ni Nanay but unfortunately si Anebebe na lang daw. Pwede naman daw sya ng ibang araw.

4 months

Yesterday, our baby turned 4 months. Time flies so fast.

And unlike in the past wherein either we are moneyless or timeless, we only have pancit. Now, I was able to buy a red ribbon cake.

The cake says ‘Happy 4th Month Anevay from Dadi&Mami’

Nice noh ? Sana andito si daddy to celebrate with us.

But now, the sacrifice of daddy is paying off. First pay check pa lang yan. Hay!

 Tapos later that evening I played with Anevay. Pag tinatawag ko sya she kept on smiling. So kinuha ko ung camera. but unfortunately pag kinukunan na sya ayaw na nya.

Some training

A lot of changes has been taking place in Anevay’s life. She is now starting to develop and slowing developing her personality.

Besides training her to pee and popo in the potty trainer (read : arinola) she is now trained  to eat kalabasa.

Yes, she loves to eat kalabasa. And because of this I bought her feeding set.

I see this feeding set in SM and I really loved this happy moments theme so I bought it.

Anevay is now being fed using the bowl and the spoon. And she drinks water either on the cup or the bowl. But not through her feeding bottles.

Hello Moto!

Last wednesday my phone took a dive and have incurred a damage from that dive.

I am taking about my Ericson T300, which was Mahal’s bday gift to me way back 2004. But he was the one who used it because he let me used her Nokia phone.

The phone have been worn out of time and heavily used especially Mahal used to play nonstop in this phone and that causes the keypad to malfunction.

I wanted to save it until next year because I do not have any budget for the N series of Nokia for now.


Anevay is turning 4 months this coming 23rd. And time has flown so fast.

I remember of the time when I was afraid to carry her. I was always conscious if Im carrying her right or not. Gone are the days when we have to make shift in taking care of her. Joseph, Nanay and I would have to talk who would be watching Anevay during night time and during the day.

I also remember the time when Joseph and I would help in making her drink her POLYVISOL and afterwards bathe her. Then Joseph would lovingly carry her or talk to her as if she was an adult. How she love to hear her Daddy’s voice.

Bonding Time

I dreaded Saturday because I will be left alone at home with Anevay.

This had happen already in the past and everything went on smoothy, in fact Anevay is on her best mood when its only me and her at home. Not sure why I was nervous.

Saturday came, and my In laws left the house early for a check up in UST. Nanay has cough so she wanted to be checked just to make sure she wont get Anevay infected. Talk about Lola’s love.


This is me now.

Tough and smiling on the outside. And soft and crying on the inside. 

Popularity: 1% [?]

Just compensation

This week have been good for the employees of our company. Me included.

Last Monday, there was an emergency meeting for our division. The meeting was about our salary increase. One that have been demanded by many.

During the meeting, I cannot help but think the phrase ‘too late the hero’.

Why? The increase was long overdue. Many have been complaining about their compensation. Especially those who have left the company to work in the Middle East. It was a pakunswelo to those who have choose to stay or those na walang mapupuntahan. Or are waiting for the offer sheet.

Away for a while

Going away

I never imagine that it could be this difficult. Mahal have left the Philippines and is now working in Kuwait. Far from me and anevay.

It tears me apart seeing my daughter and knowing that she will have to go on with some part of her life without her daddy. But it has to be this way. We chose this, so with God’s help will have to make it through.

Week that was

Oct 22

Five years

Five years

Can’t help but reminisce.

Five years ago I was somewhat in the treshold of something I do not understand. I wanted to dive into something new but I am trying to witheld myself from doing such.

I was involved. But nevertheless not sure how deep my involvement was.

Some people thought that I was falling inlove with the guy that was closed to me, yet, there is more to what they see.

Behind the scene, away from everybody’s view someone is slowly moving his way to my heart. At first, I try to deny it.