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First Fear

Due to my LUPUS, my pregnancy and delivery was classified as HIGH RISK.And because I suffered from pre eclampsia, I have to be operated even if I have not feel any contraction.And so it boils down to me and my baby being monitored before and after the delivery.

I guess on my part everything went well but I was worried because I know that my baby might suffer NEO NATAL LUPUS.

Although, according to those I read it was not something to worry about. Because it will go away after six months.

Morning of July 23

God has grant me one of my wishes. That my daughter be born on the day my papa was born.

When I woke up after the operation I have seen both my husband and his brother at my room. I was asking if they have seen my daughter but unfortunately nde pa daw.

Later pa daw ang viewing time. Mga eleven pa daw. Julius was kind enough to accompany my husband the night before.

When it was already 11, both Mahal and Julius left. Both excited to see Baby Jan. (yap, I coined the nickname na Jan from Anevay Jahzara, ayaw na namin ng JOB for obvious reasons)