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My Birthing Story

I am back with my birthing story.

One experienced that I would reminisce with a smile.
The week before I gave birth was troublesome for us. It saw me nursing a toothache and sleep has been eluding me. Kaya I am not in the best shape that week. So, we went ahead to UST on a Thursday, that was July 20. We were there around 11, got my urinalysis and Dr. Reliever instructed for an Ultrasound.We headed for the ultrasound kaso ang haba ng pila. Both sa ultrasound and sa cashier. So, nainip na si Doktora and she have to leave daw because she has a class. I showed her the urinalysis and I know it was not good. She told me that according to the sonographer the baby is okay. But I should go to the laboratory and order a 24 hour monitoring of my urine for albumin. After my rheuma check up we headed home.

Keep mum

Do not reply.

That was Mahal have told me to do after the emails I have received which have pushed me to the brink of my patience.

I ask a question and I was answered in a way that I think is not professional and is not suited to be said by somebody who is in the position.

Early this year, I have stopped communicating with him if I could because I realized just how ‘kanto boy’ his attitude is.

Tell me, would this line worth respecting ?

Turn down

That was the decision Mahal gave to him.

After so many negotiation, Mahal decided it was not for him. And he wanted the other one.

Not sure if the other one is already on the bag but what I know is that the other one is much better option.

And now that he turned down the offer he has to look for somebody who is interested.

Kaw, interesado ka ba? $2500 a month ? Plus housing, transpo and medical allowance.

Popularity: 1% [?]


You though its a fruit ? No its not.

It is the wireless digital phone that is being offered by Digitel.

And last friday we were able to get our landline.

At first I was dissapointed because it only has one bar. And nde sya matawagan and nde sya makatawag.

We charge it and noong Saturday we brought it along. Anlakas naman pala ng signal sa labas but lalo na papuntang Q. C.

Rainy days

Its the time of the year when you wish you can sleep all the sleep you want. But hey, I have to go to the office and tend to some task like going for a check up and clean the house and attend to some house chores.


First time that we have known that we are pregnant we already called our baby ‘JOB’. That was one of those which have been in my mind for so long. I wanted my firstborn to be called ‘JOB’ ? Why? Because i think i have the same experience of JOB in the bible but not that harsh. My faith was tested just like JOB. If you will come to think of it JOB’s life was not a favorable life. He have gone through some difficulties that can bring the sanity of a man down. That was what happen to me when I had lupus. So, why do I wanted to call my first born JOB inspite of the hardship related to JOB. Simple, because even if JOB experience hardship his faith did not falter. He is an example of a faithful servant. And that is the thing I wanted our child to be. No, I do not want for her to experience hardship but if its God will, who am I to question her fate ? But I hope just like JOB her faith would never falter.But when we found out that our baby is a HER. I told HUBBY that we cannot have a baby girl whose real name is JOB. We will still call her JOB but that would her pet name but we have to come up with something for our little princess.Since, for me, she is a gift, an unexpected blessing I wanted a name that would incorporate words like gift, blessing and of course princess.

Done deal

And so that was what I thought.

Nothing is yet done pala.

Andaming kumokontra. Actually ung pagkontra is in a nice way. Nice na malilito ka which is which. And you would think ano ang ginawa ko to deserved this ?

Tatlo-tatlo. Sino ang pipiliin mo ? Ung una na umoo ka na ? O ung pangalawa na malapit ka sa ung minamahal ? O ung ikatlo na mejo malayo ngunit nde ka talo ?

Ano ang pipiliin mo ? Para sa yong paglago at sa kinabukasan ng mga mahal mo sa buhay ?


At the last stretch i would be under another OB. Because my current OB have to fly to the US for a business trip and will only be back on the 22nd.

And if ever, JOB decided to be delivered earlier that her due date iba ang OB na mag attend sa kin.

Apprehensive ako, yes. Because nakagaanan ko na nang loob ang OB ko. But sabi nga ni hubby this wont happen without a reason.

If its God’s will, then thy will be done.

Popularity: 1% [?]


Sick days.

Are here again.But not that sick, sick. Wherein I cannot function well. In fact, I was sick from Wednesday to Friday because of tootache. ha..ha…i am sick like a child. Buti nga nde ako umiyak dahil masakit ngipin ko eh.

Wednesday, I was in bed. I wanted to clean the house kaya lang masakit ang ngipin ko and tinatamad talaga ako. Mahal have to work buti na lang dumating sya ng maaga. We went out for dinner and uwi agad because I am not really feeling well.


I am terribly dissapointed.I have not seen nor envisioned that you have such a thinking. You wanted everybody to believe what you are saying is right because everything you know is factual because you based them on facts.

And you are relegating my opinions to pride, tantrums and whatever word you can come up that states that my thoughts are not that important.

And I thought you are open minded ? I was wrong. You wanted to believe what you wanted to believe and you put more value to the thinking of other people than just me. Plain me.