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Today..I yearn

I yearn
To be a child again
To go back to the time
When all my worries are about
Recitation, exams, grades and medals
I yearn
To be that daughter again
To be cuddled in mommy’s lap
To hear my papa’s resounding laughter about my silly jokes
And to hear both of them
Utters words of encouragement to me

I yearn
To be that sister again
To practice karate with kuya
And talk about bands, movies and computers
To shop to our hearts content with Ate
And to gossip in bed before going to sleep

What is LOVE?

What is love?Love is waking up early in the morning
Before every one else
To make sure that breakfast is prepared
And that everything is well taken cared off

Love is thinking first
The effect of your decisions
To the well being of the one you love
Even if it means sacrifice on your part

Love is being sensitive to the one you love
Not waiting to be asked
But rather intercept
The things that needs to be done

Love is knowing when to talk and when to listen
And weighing the words
That comes out of your mouth
And goes in to your ears

Maternity Leave

After almost seven years of working.I am finally taking a vacation with pay.Not because I am sick and cannot work.

But because I would try a different career – MOTHERHOOD.

I am excited.

You see I started working here at the office

Even before I graduated.

I was not able to savor the vacation after college.

When I did work professionally I was not given the pleasure

Of long vacation.

Up to the point that i needed to rest because of LUPUS.

When I started to recover, check ups are the only days I cannot report to work.

Stop Negotiation ?

So, he stop courting him.

Not sure if its because of the last email he received.

Or maybe yes that email is the turning point.

Was it too much for him to take ?

Or he is just buying time to come up with a new proposal.

Either way, I somehow felt relieved for the meantime.

He is not going away for now.

Not now.

Not until the little princess come out.

Or would something new will come again.

And make me feel uneasy.

God only knows.

Cry Baby

Last night I know I acted like a baby.On the way home he told me he will be going back to that place.I don’t want him to.

Because I don’t want to spend my time alone without him by my side.

He told me he will try his best not to go there again.

I slept. With the thought that he wont be leaving.

I woke up with him at the side of our bed.

Clad with in jeans and ready to go.

I wanted to cry.

And I told him he promised me he wont leave


One month to go.And the little one will be coming out.We cant wait.

Our amusement every night is her movement in my tummy.

And every movement is a joy to us.

And I hope and pray that she turn out normal and healthy.

That she will not be affected by any medicine I have taken.

I know she feels how much everybody is anticipating her arrival

And how much she is love.

Daddy and Mommy have started preparing.

Even Tita Ya have given the clothes of Ate Aish for her.


Hubby and I.Both in limbo.

What do the two of us wants ?

Where are we heading to ?

When I was in elementary. I wanted to be like my sister. Collecting medals during recognition and graduation. I did. And I graduated salutatorian and got six medals.

When I was in high school. I wanted to surpass what my sister did. And I did. I graduated valedictorian and have garnered 13 medals.

When I was in college. I wanted to finish college without a failing grade nor a 3 and wanted to join one of the best computer company in the world. And yes I did.

Pred Free

In one of my previous entry I said that I would like to blog about my prednisone free days.
YEs. You heard it right, there are days that I am no longer taking prednisone. This is after so many years of being prednisone dependent.

Prednisone is all I take to control my lupus. Sometimes also plaquenil but most of the times pred.
Before, life is difficult without pred. Once I lower the dosage or wont take pred my lupus will go haywire. In fact there was a time in my life i stop taking pred abruptly I was sent to the hospital and was hospitalized for 6 days. And my first doctor told me that I would be pred dependent for life. And I believe her.


I have been meaning to write about my prednisone free days but that just have to wait.I will be blogging something that I did not expect but somehow dream of.At the start of the year I was given a certificate of recognition for i think a job well done last year.

But I expected that.

But this one I did not.

I have been doing a job for AP for quite sometime now. But I am a silent worker. And now…all the works have paid off. I was given an award for AP. AP Award for Performance.


I did not exactly anticipated that it could be like this.That there are really movements in my tummy. Sounds in my stomach as if I am hungry. Yet i know I was not hungry. But rather there is a little body inside. Moving.

Everytime I feel JOB kick or mover I am happy. It really makes my day. And I can even assume a certain personality of JOB through her movements.