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Can’t wait

Right now, I am in my 24th week. Meaning 6 months na ko and 3 months na lang and I will see JOB na. I can’t wait. According to my OB, LUPUS is likely to attack at the 5th month but thank God at of this moment no signs of it. Sana lang magtuloy tuloy. Although, some people comment that my tummy looks small but hey, malikot ang aking baby.Yes, the kicks that I feel inside my tummy are the source of my joy this day. JOB really knows how to make his/her presence known. Not yet sure what the gender is, pero 80% girl daw according to my last ultrasound.
Speaking of ultrasound, I had it last February. I was really afraid because before the ultrasound my obgyne was making kwento about her patient who gave birth to a child with a defect at the 5th month and the baby did not survived. God! I was really nervous and have asked hubby to accompany me. Buti pinayagan. At first I was afraid to look. Kasi baka pagnakita kong may problema si JOB, i would weep. I was praying to God fervently. But when the doctor showed us JOB, i was like OH God, Thank YOU. That is our child. And hubby, i think forgot about me for minutes because he was so glued to the monitor, watching JOB’s every move. And ang aking baby nagpasikat din. Galaw ng galaw. And the ultrasound caught him/her opening his/her month. I was so glad to see him. Thank you Lord talaga.