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Is she a friend?

My last entry have remind me of a ’so called’ friend, who I thought would really wanted to help me out during my darkest hour.This so called friend have started telling stories about a certain product that she knows which can cure even those with down syndrome. At first I thought she was just story telling. Until she came up with the brochure. And sales talk again. I found out that her tita is an agent for this stuff. And she told me that she is using it also and it really helps. That product cost thousand plus bucks. I dont remember the exact price, Php 1800 ba?

My Stand

So, okay I am sick. I created this blog to tell tales about me having lupus, my experiences, my rants and sometimes just how i spent my day.My blog has been my journal. My outlet. I wanted to help even in a little way those who have been experiencing their darkest hour. I wanted to show the world that no matter what illness plague you, your weapon will always be yourself and your willingness to live.

Lately I have been noticing that spam have invaded the blog world. Spammers leave comments on your entry as if they like your blog but they are just doing it for advertising. I just ignored these spams buti nga nde wala pa sa tagboard ko eh.


I am sleepy.No, not because of the TV and DVD in our room.

No, not because of the kulitan and kwentuhan that hubby and I do before sleeping.

But mainly because of THIS!

Actually, believe it or not, both hubby and I love harry potter. We read the six books and have watched the three movies together.In fact, Harry Potter 1 was the first movie we saw as bf/gf in Robinsons Gale…he….he..he.

Under the weather

For the past three weeks or so, I am not feeling well. I am not panicky though because I knew I am just under the change of weather condition.But man, last week I was like a dog barking because of my cough. I wanted to rest but I just can’t. Rest eludes me sometimes. I know that the cough and cold would not go unless I rest and I sleep early. Now, my sleeping time is 11 pm. Culprit: the TV and the DVD which is in our room. Yes. It just suits its pwesto and besides our sala is not yet ok. May kalat pa and no sofa as of the moment.And besides sleeping late, when i am at the house I cannot help myself from cleaning or doing the laundry. I just wanted white tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. And I don’t want to see dirty clothes hanging around or in the hamper. And I wanted to iron all our clothes so that we can wear what we want. But sometimes, time is not enough. Sometimes I end up curling in bed because I am tired or I feel that my body has gone over its limit.
Well, nde na matigas ang ulo ko ngayon. If I know I needed to rest, I will. No matter what. Even if I am in the middle of something. Because as Jason Bourne would say ‘rest is a weapon’. I am just glad that I can do all household chores like a normal being. Thank God! I am still amazed that after three years I am almost back to normal programming =).

Getting Pregnant

One of my most treasured desire. Ours. Hubby and I.Even if Dr. I have warned me that getting preggy is RISKY and COSTLY.

RISKY because of my condition. The diseases I am plagued. LUPUS, PULMONARY EMBOLISM and ENDOMETRIA. Risky because coumadin has 100% side effect to the baby. Unexpected pregnancy might create abnormalities to the unborn. I should be off coumadin for six months before conceiving. And if I conceived and its labor time, a blood clot might reoccur. Which can lead to paralysis or worst death. Both to the mother and unborn.