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Weight Gain

My biggest problem right now is WEIGHT GAIN.

The last time I weight I gain 3 kilos. Would you believe that? And I am going to the gym pa nyan ha.
I dont know how to resolve this issue. I already asked Dr. I what I am going to do and he told me that its all in my hand. Ibig sabihin…DISIPLINA.

But I cannot control myself from eating. I love chocolate and I love to drink softdrinks. Two things that attributes to my weight gain.

Pretty in Pink

She is the second offspring of my one and only brother. She was five years younger than her Kuya Luis (my first pamangkin). I saw them both grow up because I have live with them until I move out because I got married.Her real name is Franzine Lois, but we fondly call him BUMA. A name which was given by Luis from a Dragon Ball Z character but with a little alteration because at the time of conception bulol pa si Luis.


KOMIKON 2005, UP BAHAY NG ALUMNI, Oct 22 (BUMA’s BDAY)This is one of the break I needed. Break from the office works and a testimony that I am getting back to my old self. Something that I could look back when my lupus is on the attack. One that I could say…I did when I was in remission.

Actually, this happens by accident. Naawa naman ako sa aking kuya if I would leave him alone sa booth ng GUHIT PINOY. So, i told my husband (who have to attend to a client call) to just leave me na lang and LUIS so that we could accompany Kuya and extend an extra hand in the exhibit.

Two things

It’s nearing the end of October and a few months 2005 will be over. And i am thankful that I am feeling ok right now.
My meds now is pred, plaquenil and coumadin. although, i dont religiously drink coumadin because of the health hazard just in case i get pregnant (accidentally!).
There are two things i am addicted to now. Which I think is a good addiction. Good to my health and my lupus. Two things : GYM and SAUNA.