Friends with Benefits

When I was looking for something to cheer me up, I search and found this movie. It was categorized as romantic comedy so I tried it. I was a bit doubtful at first, just like someone getting a debt advice from someone who is knee deep in debt. I am not a fan of Justin Timberlake but I am after the story not the actor and I am surprised it turn out to be a nice one. Even the husband did enjoy it. Of course we did not watch it together but when we talk on the phone we talked about it and we were laughing just discussing the scenes and dialogue. So if you want a good laugh then watch this movie.

New Year’s Eve

I have seen the trailer of the New Year’s Eve movie a lot of times. Aside from the fact that it was a star studded movie with the likes of Bon Jovi appearing, I also like it’s sound track — Raise your Glass by Pink. This movie is like Valentine’s Day but I think a better version. Well, it’s already showing but unfortunately until today we have not watched the movie. Oh well, I just wait for the copy.

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Love and Other Drugs

I heard of a lot of nice feedback about this movie so I tried watching it. The first time I don’t know why but I was not in the mood to finish it. So I left it on my netbook. A few days back when I don’t have anything to do and no movies to watch, I decided to watch it again. And lo and behold I was not disappointed. I would bet my old english riding boots to anyone who won’t be the touch to the story. Well, it was like my story. As I said in one of my status in FACEBOOK, Maggie is so lucky to have found someone to love her despite of her illness, but I am luckier because her’s is just in the movie but mine is real. It really is an awe inspiring movie.

The Romantics

I tried watching this movie because I was intrigued by Josh Duhamel in the movie When In Rome. Then his co star her is Katie Holmes. I haven’t watched her since Dawson’s Creek era. The movie is set in only one location and everything happens in I think a day or two. You see, Josh and Katie are ex lovers who belong to the same circle of friends, who are going to have a reunion before Josh got married to another girl who by the way is also their friend. I am not really that impressed with the movie. And I feel that it ended abruptly. Maybe that’s the reason why it was not much of a success.

Happy Feet 2 or Ghost Protocol?

It’s like deciding to buy silver cufflinks or gold cufflinks. The husband and I would want to watch both but the later part is only for adult. Our little girl won’t enjoy the movie because it has some action scenes. I was telling the husband to leave her to my brother’s house for a while so that we can watch Tom Cruise in action again. hahaha. But we have not decided yet. I think we might not be able to watch any since we are running in a tight schedule.

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No Water, No Moon

I already got Bamboo’s first solo album. Oh yes, I got it once it was available at the record bars. I am fan ever since he started in Rivermaya. I super love his voice and the way he sings. I can say that I love all the songs in his album. Sometimes his song reminds me of Jason Mraz though I think he has his own original style. The message of his songs are hidden and I love to read the lyrics and derived the meaning. Yes, I already have the songs in my phone.

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Rookie Blue Season 2

Since I still don’t want to watch the Season 10 of Smallville, I decided to look for other shows. And then I remembered that Rookie Blue should have aired their season 2 by now. I was expecting the season to start last September but I was surprised that they started early and now the season is already finished. So, I got a copy of the complete season and watched it yesterday. The series is not about rookies wearing nursing uniforms but rather police uniform chasing after criminals. The season will still feature the rookies spearheaded by Andy. At the start of the series, Andy and Luke as still together. But as the series unfold their relationship have face some problems which has lead to Andy to Sam. Because of their relationship, Sam’s undercover ops turn sour and Andy and the gang were face to the challenge of tracking Sam. In the end of the season, both Sam and Andy were suspended. I am so looking forward to Season 3.

Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow

I was trying to look for some movies to watch to put me into a happy mood so I got our 1 terra and browse at its content. I decided to watch Smallville Season 8. I was not much of a fan of this series. I don’t know why. But I did not expect that my view would change when I saw, Olive Queen aka Green Arrow, Justin Hartley in real life. It was love at first sight. lol! :)


What to watch?

While looking and reading about best eyelash growth products, I am also browsing on the website of ticketworld and ticketnet. I want to know what shows would they have on the husband’s vacation. But unfortunately, I can’t seem to find some interesting show at that time. But I am eager to watch Seussical with the little girl. She is quite family with the Cat in the Hat :) . Hopefully this show would run until December and we can watch it with the husband. That of course, if his vacation will be approved.

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Morning Glory

When I started the movie, I wanted to stop watching it already. I do not like the beginning where in the female lead star loses her job, then went for an interview wherein she speaks to fast and after that met a snobbish Harrison Ford on the elevator. Oh, not she is not looking for Bartender Jobs but rather she is an executive producer. She was able to land a job but then she has to face a lot of challenges to keep her show afloat. This one is an inspiring movie, which shows that perseverance, determination and quick wit wins the game. I love Harrison Ford’s character but I love Becky Fuller more. She is my kind of girl. And this reminds me of a friend that’s why I enjoy it.